This new system will allow thousands of drones to fly in the city without collisions


 The future is creeping up

Zipline has presented a solution to the possible collision of drones and other drones in urban environments. This acoustic awareness system should be the “Holy Grail” for drone technology, according to the company’s CTO.

Soon city skies will be teeming with all kinds of copters. From small logistics and delivery drones to air taxis, this is the picture you see in movies like The Fifth Element.

However, one of the main questions is the problem of safety: how can hundreds or thousands of small aircraft be able to use the airspace without colliding with each other and without disturbing the aircraft’s flight path?

Zipline believes it has a solution in the form of Acoustic Detection and Avoidance (DAA), which co-founder and CTO Keenan Wyrobek calls “the holy grail for drone technology.”

Each aircraft will be equipped with a microphone and on-board processors, which the company says will detect other drones up to 2km away, providing them with 360-degree awareness and allowing flight control systems to monitor and track multiple aircraft, making appropriate flight path adjustments on the fly. .

The company says it has already built the DAA system into its own drones and is now seeking regulatory approval.

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