Samsung has finally unveiled the long-awaited latest Galaxy watch. This time, the company has not only released the Galaxy Watch 5, but also introduced the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Watch 5 Golf Edition. The new watch enhances the features customers use every day, and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the latest model in the family, is the company’s most feature-rich timepiece to date. This time the watch turned out so good that I want to buy it, and these are the features that I paid the most attention to. Actually, because of this, I will advise the new watch to those who ask me what to buy.

New Samsung watch

The watch is equipped with a new generation of health monitoring system based on Samsung’s own bioactive sensor . The BioActive system, which debuted on the Galaxy Watch 4 series, combines three powerful health sensors into one dedicated chip that provides comprehensive measurements including heart rate, blood oxygen, and even stress levels. In addition, users can monitor their ECG to get a better idea of ​​their heart health.

What the Galaxy Watch 5 Can Do

The Galaxy Watch 5 tracks health even more accurately than the Galaxy Watch 4 thanks to its larger surface area and closer contact to the wrist. In addition, other novelty sensors allow you to measure body temperature . Even when the ambient temperature changes, the temperature sensor uses infrared technology for more accurate readings.

The new watch is well suited for sports.

The Galaxy Watch 5 provides a complete end-to-end user interface for tracking workouts , rest and recovery. Users can set goals, guide them through specific workouts, and track progress. There are even personalized water recommendations based on sweat loss.

The models also offer sleep tracking features that capture sleep stages, as well as detect snoring and monitor blood oxygen levels. With a sophisticated Sleep Coaching program, you can improve your sleep habits. It allows you to build a program for a month so that everything is under control. This is also a very useful feature, especially for a modern person with his rhythm of life.

With SmartThings integration, Galaxy Watch 5 automatically adjusts settings for supported smart home gadgets . All this can be synchronized with your sleep settings, which you choose for yourself in the corresponding application. And to keep watch buyers safe in the event of something unforeseen, they have fall tracking. They can even record a fall from the bed.

How long does Samsung’s new smartwatch last?

The Galaxy Watch 5 has a 13% larger battery than before and can charge for eight hours of battery life in just eight minutes, 30% faster than the Galaxy Watch 4. The new watch also has its first sapphire crystal display, which has 60% more durable outer layer and will ensure the reliability of the watch in everyday use.

The novelty will work longer than the previous generation.

The watch is running the One UI Watch 4.5 proprietary shell and will receive updates as they are released.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro Watch

Much emphasis in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is placed on the conformity of the gadget to the very prefix “Pro”. The watch has received good case materials that will cope with any task, whether it be hiking, cycling and more. They are equipped with an improved sapphire crystal that is more resistant to wear and tear, as well as a durable titanium case with a raised bezel that protects the display. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also comes with a brand new D-Buckle sport band that combines durability and design.

The Pro version received a screen protector.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro boasts the largest battery in a Galaxy Watch. It is 60% more than the Galaxy Watch 4. It remains to be seen how long they will work in real life, but an increase in autonomy will definitely not be superfluous. The previous generation worked for me for a maximum of two days. Perhaps now there will be three.

For active sports, users will be able to download hiking and cycling routes that will help them complete a full workout. Also, when the owner of the watch decides to return home, the “Tracking” function will build a route to where the workout was started from.

How much does the Galaxy Watch 5 cost?

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are available for pre-order now and will start retail on August 26, 2022 . Gifts are given for a pre-order as well.

The large 44mm variant of the Galaxy Watch 5 is available in graphite, sapphire, and silver, while the small 40mm variant is available in graphite, rose gold, and silver with a Bora Purple strap that pairs well with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 . The Bluetooth version of the Galaxy Watch 5 will cost $279 , while the LTE version will cost $329.

As usual, the new watch offers several colors to choose from.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is perfect for adventurers looking for reliability, performance and style. They will be available in Black Titanium and Gray Titanium with a 45mm display and will cost $449 for Bluetooth and $499 for LTE.

The Watch 5 Golf Edition series is not a separate line, so it has become an offshoot from the rest. As a result, we have Watch 5 Large 44mm, Watch 5 Small 40mm and Watch 5 Pro with a starting price of $ 329 . Differences from ordinary watches, buyers will receive special dials, a two-tone stripe and unlimited access to the Smart Caddy application.

All this is enough to make you want to buy this watch. Personally, I wanted to and will advise others. What do you think? Tell us in the comment section.