Thing of the day: spy powerbank with built-in video camera


The American startup Harbor Dynamics has opened a crowdfunding campaign for the production of a curious gadget – a power bank with spy functions. A video camera with a motion sensor is built into its body, which looks like a regular connector. Throwing the gadget on a shelf or table, you can conduct covert remote shooting in FullHD resolution, and no one will suspect a recording device in a harmless power bank.

The camera has a decent viewing angle of 135°, support for night shooting and a good amount of internal memory of 64 GB. If you need more, there is a microSD card slot at your disposal. The capacity of the power bank is also on the level – 22,000 mAh, so a full charge is enough for about 60 hours of continuous recording. Remote control is carried out using Wi-Fi and a mobile application.

Actually, no one bothers to use the power bank for its intended purpose. With it, you can charge 4 devices at the same time, including connectors: a couple of Type-C (output power 100 and 65 W), one USB Type-A at 22.5 W (Quick Charge 3.0), and 10 W wireless charging. At the fundraising stage, the creators ask for $99 for their toy, but by the start of deliveries in October it will be already more expensive – $138.


Surely many of our readers were tempted by the power bank and have already figured out how they could use it. Disregarding the ethical side of the issue, we remind you that Russian legislation is very harsh on spy gadgets, and some devices with a hidden video camera fall under article 138.1 of the Criminal Code .

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