These are the most popular premium smartphone models


There is only one leader

Analysts from Counterpoint Research shared data on premium smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2022. It turned out that nearly two-thirds of all flagships sold were iPhones.

A premium smartphone in the report was defined as any device costing $400 or more. Therefore, the ranking includes the Galaxy A53 5G and iPhone SE. Compared to the first quarter of 2021, Apple’s share has only grown by five percentage points.

The gap with competitors such as Samsung and Xiaomi has widened. As a result, 62% of global sales of premium smartphones came from Apple.

These are the most popular premium smartphone models

iPhone 13 is currently the best-selling smartphone in the world. The model accounts for almost every fourth purchase. The iPhone 13 Pro Max came in second, while the iPhone 13 Pro accounted for 9% of global sales.

Together, these three iPhone 13 models account for 45% of the premium market. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was the top selling Android flagship.

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