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Theo Hutchcraft Net Worth

Theo Hutchcraft in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $5 Million.

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Full Biography of Theo Hutchcraft

Everyone who listened to the Hurts knows that the magnetic, mesmerizing voice on their records belongs to Theo Hutchcraft. Without this charming Brit with perfect styling, there would be no band, an incredible album Happiness and a multi-million army of loyal fans ready to do anything for their idol.

Childhood and youth

One of the most powerful vocalists on the planet was born on August 30, 1986 in North Yorkshire. When Theo David Hutchcraft was two years old, the family moved to Australia, but after the birth of their second child, they returned to their homeland. 

After graduating from college, Theo Hutchcraft went to work as an acoustic engineer at the University of Salford in the North West of England. If not for the love of music, Theo would have become a scientist.

As a child, Theo Hutchcraft preferred to listen to rap, and the first album purchased was Eminem’s The Slim Shady. 11-year-old Theo listened to the record to the holes. 

Theo Hutchcraft’s father was a music lover, dragged his son to the performances of Green Day and the Ramones , and generally introduced him to the “right” music from childhood. Theo bought a piano to instill a taste for classical pieces, but the boy hated it, preferring hip-hop.

Soon Theo Hutchcraft began to record his own CDs with songs under the name RooFio and even sold them for 3 pounds. In his youth, the aspiring musician participated in competitions and at the age of 16 he became the best DJ in North Yorkshire. But Theo soon got bored with this activity:

“DJs and clubs are great… but it’s not like watching a good music band in concert, is it?”


At the age of 19, during a drunken brawl, Theo Hutchcraft met Adam Anderson. While their friends were waving their fists, the new acquaintances discussed music and came to the conclusion that both of them would like to play in a band.

This is how the Bureau team appeared, but due to copyright, the name had to be changed to Daggers. The lineup included 3 more people, together Daggers released two singles that even hit the charts – and the group broke up.

Theo and Adam decided from now on to work in a creative duo and called themselves Hurts. There was no money, and the guys had to survive on bread and water: Theo got a job as a lawn mower in a cemetery, and Adam delivered milk.

Fame for the new team came in 2009 after the release of the video for the song Wonderful Life, written on the knee. It took only £20 to create the video, and they paid the dancer.

The song instantly broke the airwaves and became a hit in Russia, Denmark and Austria. The biography of the British musicians gave a leap, and offers from producers rained down on the talented duo. To go to a meeting with important people, the guys bought decent suits with the last money and barely scraped together tickets.

Successful studio albums followed: Happiness (2010), Exile (2013), Surrender (2015), Desire (2017). Depressive compositions about pain and mental anguish were especially warmly welcomed by Russian fans. In 2018, Theo Hutchcraft had a big tour. The musician even got to Khabarovsk and Irkutsk and visited the Evening Urgant show .

Theo reciprocates the love of Russian fans: the musician got a tattoo on his chest – the Russian word “Happiness” after the title of his first album Happiness. In addition, the singer has a blue bird stuffed on his left side, and Hygiea’s vessel on the right.

Theo Hutchcraft

“My main fear is that I won’t be able to travel and give people music,” the Briton shared in an interview with Glamour.

After a three-year hiatus, Theo Hutchcraft returned to the music scene with his fifth studio album, Faith. Another surprise for the fans was the change in the image of the musician: he grew his hair.

The album was released during the lockdown, Theo was in isolation with an octopus and felt lonely, because the tour in support of Faith was impossible.


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Personal life

The manners of a true gentleman and the impeccable style of Theo Hutchcraft in clothes won more than one heart. The musician’s personal life is full of events, and there are a lot of rumors around him. The British heartthrob has been dating singer and composer Marina Diamandis for a long time.

He is also credited with novels with TV presenter Alexa Chung, actress Kristen Stewart and burlesque dancer, Marilyn Manson ‘s ex-wife Dita von Teese, who is 14 years older than the musician. 

The musician met Dita at the festival, and the couple did not hide their feelings: they openly kissed and flirted. But this relationship ended as abruptly as it began.

Theo Hutchcraft has no children and family, but the musician does not exclude that, having met the only and ideal one, he wants to build a serious relationship. As the singer admitted, he believes in love at first sight.

The star likes girls with a sense of humor, and the English dandy considers himself an ideal partner. The musician can afford to kiss a fan at a concert, but only until Hutchcraft’s heart is free.

The height of Theo Hutchcraft is 185 cm.

Theo Hutchcraft now

In 2021, Theo and Adam canceled the tour in support of the Faith album in Russia and Ukraine due to restrictions on public events. The musician asked for forgiveness for broken hearts and expressed hope for understanding.

Previously, Hurts had already canceled concerts in Greece and Romania. Then the soloist had a rupture of the eardrum.

On his Instagram page, Theo Hutchcraft continues to upload visuals for the latest album: these are photos that, according to the musician, convey the spirit and mood of Faith.

Theo Hutchcraft Discography

With the Daggers group:

  • 2006 – After Midnight
  • 2007 – Money / Magazine

With the group Hurts:

  • 2010 – Happiness
  • 2013 — Exile
  • 2015 — Surrender
  • 2017 – Desire
  • 2020 – Faith

Interesting Facts about Theo Hutchcraft

  • Theo Hutchcraft is distinguished by outstanding clumsiness: he cut himself on a culinary show, dropped his microphone more than once, and in 2013 almost lost his eye during the filming of the Blind video, falling down the stairs. For this, he immediately earned Anderson the nickname Bambi.
  • During the performance of the song Stay at concerts, Theo distributes white roses to the fans.
  • Once the singer said that Russian fans gave him the book “The Master and Margarita” at least 12 times.
  • Hutchcraft admitted that he loves to dance when he gets drunk, but the guy has good friends, so his drunken dances have not yet become public.
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