The Xbox console outsold the Playstation in its homeland


It’s all about the availability of consoles, most likely

According to weekly sales data released by Famitsu, the Xbox Series S by itself (excluding Series X) sold 6,120 units in Japan, while the non-disc PS5 and PS5 sold 2,693 units in Japan.

Considering last week, the PlayStation 5 sold 49,798 units and the Xbox Series S sold 1,000, suggesting that, as in many other parts of the world, sales fluctuations are due to console availability.

Similarly, the Xbox Series X sold 3,508 units last week while only 105 sold this week.

According to a recent report, as of February, only 2.3 million Xbox consoles of all generations have been sold in Japan since the original console was launched in the country 20 years ago.

The vast majority of these are Xbox 360 sales, which were 1,616,128.