The US Navy explained why they do not release UFO videos


The information that the US government is collecting and studying UFO data can no longer be called a conspiracy theory or just an invention of ufologists. Recall that the Pentagon even officially confirmed the existence of a program to study contacts with UFOs. Moreover, the US has partially declassified a military report on space aliens and unidentified flying objects. However, ufologists were not satisfied with the published materials, and believe that the most interesting information is still kept secret. But is it really so? The US Navy recently admitted that it has many more UFO videos than have been made public, but they are not going to share them anytime soon. But what does it have to do with it?

Why the Navy won’t talk about UFOs

The Black Vault published thousands of pages of UFO-related documents early last year. These documents were obtained in response to requests from the CIA and government agencies. The data was provided in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). However, not all organizations provided information.

In particular, a FOIA request sent in April 2020 to the US Navy remained unanswered for more than two years. It was sent literally a day after the Navy itself released 3 videos shot by pilots. On them you can see that some objects are moving along a very strange trajectory that planes cannot fly.

U.S. Navy says release of UFO video threatens national security

Black Vault, in its request, demanded that all other UFO videos be made public if they are in the possession of the Navy. And now, more than two years later, a letter came from the military. It confirms that the Navy has a large number of videos of UFOs, or rather, unidentified aerial phenomena, according to the wording of the US Department of Defense. However, these videos will not be made public. But for what reason? The answer is quite unexpected – the letter says that these videos can harm national security.

At the same time, the Navy explained that the videos may contain information about the operations, vulnerabilities and / or capabilities of the Defense Ministry and the Navy, which potential adversaries can use for their own purposes. That is, according to official information, it is not the facts of contacts with UFOs that are hidden from people. However, the answer sounds rather strange and not convincing. If the video contains military installations, equipment or weapons, all this can be retouched.



What real UFO videos have been declassified

Many people must have wondered if the US Navy is so afraid to show public UFO videos, why were three videos still published? The answer to this question was provided in a letter. The fact is that even before these videos were declassified, they were leaked to the media and were in the public domain. At the same time, the Navy decided that the footage could be officially published, since it would not harm national security.


I must say that these videos really appeared on the internet before they were reported by the military. And this happened back in 2017. As you can see for yourself, the quality of these videos is very poor. Therefore, it is rather difficult to understand what exactly is depicted on them. However, this year NASA promised to study these videos. Therefore, we are looking forward to the conclusion of experts, if, of course. it will be published.


Surprisingly, the Navy did not even try to hide the fact that they had videos of unidentified flying objects in their possession. However, as we said above, the military was clearly in no hurry to answer.

What is captured on secret UFO videos?

The videos in question show cases of military encounters with unidentified flying objects. It should be noted that UFOs are not necessarily aliens. The term implies any objects and phenomena that a specialist cannot explain. That is, it may not be about aliens at all.

The United States has been collecting information on UFOs since the 60s of the last century.

How many of these videos are available to the US Navy and what exactly the military managed to capture on them remains a mystery. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that the US military is not neglecting the potential threat that comes from UFOs. In May of this year, even public hearings were held regarding cases of encounters with UFOs since the 60s.

During the hearings, it was reported that US Navy pilots had observed 144 UFOs since 2004 alone. The Department of Defense also announced that the government is allocating funds to open a new office to investigate new facts of encounters with unidentified flying objects. Of course, it will consider applications received only from the army – navy and air force.

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