The Sims 4 is free for everyone forever

  • September 16, 2022

Electronic Arts has made the popular life simulator The Sims 4 free of charge. Starting October 18, anyone can get the game. 

The standard version of the game has switched to the free model, that is, add-ons will still have to be purchased separately. Both PC gamers (in any launcher) and console players of all platforms will be able to pick up Sims 4. The developers have promised that they do not plan to stop supporting the project. In the future, The Sims 4 will have add-ons, expansions, and other content. 

For those who have already bought “Sims” before, there are also gifts. They will be offered the Desert Luxe Kit, which can be picked up in the main menu of the game. It includes exclusive interior and exterior items. EA Play subscribers will receive the Get To Work expansion as a gift, while EA Play Pro subscribers will be able to pick up Get To Work and the Toddler Stuff item set on top. 

Recall that the release of The Sims 4 took place back in 2014. The game debuted on PC, and 3 years later appeared on consoles. Most likely, such generosity of the developers is due to the imminent announcement of the fifth part. It should be presented at a major presentation, which will take place on October 18.

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