The second beta of Android 13 fixes a longstanding issue with the Pixel 6 series


One of the most famous problems of the Google Pixel 6 family was under-screen finger scanners, which the manufacturer could not achieve stable operation even six months after the release date.

But Google does not stop trying: according to Reddit enthusiasts who installed the latest second beta build of Android 13 on their Google phones, the speed of the fingerprint compared to Android 12 “is as different as day and night.”

There are also isolated reviews about the absence of changes or even deterioration, but these are rather exceptions to the rule. The video below demonstrates the new speed of the scanner:


However, you should not rush to the transition to the beta version, as there are mentions of increased battery consumption and many small bugs and errors inherent in early test builds. By the way, Android 13 is already available to owners of more than ten smartphones from different brands .

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