The popular Haval Jolion passed the ANCAP test. How safe are Chinese cars?


In terms of the safety of adult passengers, Haval Jolion managed 90%. His strengths were full overlap frontal kick (7.34 out of 8), pole side impact (6 out of 6), long side kick (3.81 out of 4), front and rear whiplash protection. collisions (2.98 points out of 3 and 0.75 points out of 1), as well as rescue and evacuation (2 points out of 2). The overlapping impact scored 6.69 out of 8 and the side impact scored 4.96 out of 6.


When testing the safety of child passengers, Haval Jolion showed a result of 84% against the required 80%. In the pedestrian safety test, Haval Jolion scored 64% against the required 60% for top marks. In tests for active safety features – 92%.In recent years, Chinese cars have become more firmly established in the global market and compete quite successfully with eminent manufacturers. Although many buyers are still wary of the auto industry from China. How safe are Chinese cars really?

Recently, the Chinese crossover Haval Jolion passed the Australian ANCAP crash test, which is very similar to the European Euro NCAP tests. The car is tested in four categories: the safety of adult passengers, child passengers and pedestrians, as well as active safety features.

The Haval Jolion scored top marks in lane keeping, seat belt reminders, crossroads assistance, and occupant monitoring. But in speed control and power steering, the Jolion turned out to be rather weak (2.4 points out of 3 and 3.47 points out of 4).


As a result, the Chinese car can be safely considered safe. And according to this parameter, it even outperformed the Suzuki Jimny, Hyundai Palisade, Citroen C4, Jeep Wrangler and other well-known brands.

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