The painting generated by the Midjourney neural network won the art competition

  • September 4, 2022

US resident Jason Allen created a painting using the Midjourney neural network and won first place in an art competition in Colorado. The painting titled “Space Opera Theater” is a fully AI-generated image, which, of course, seriously pissed off the real artists who participated in the exhibition. Vice writes about it.

The drawing “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial” shows a large room with people in classical dresses, and in the foreground there is a large white sphere resembling the moon.

“Someone entered an art competition with an artificial intelligence artwork and won the grand prize. Yes, this is very bad,” writes artist Genel Dzhumalon.

We are watching the death of art before our eyes – if creative professions are not protected from machines, then any highly skilled workers are in danger of becoming useless. What will we do then? another artist replies .

In his defense, Jason Allen, who is the president of the board game company, said: “I knew it was controversial. But I spent a lot of time looking for keywords, reviewing hundreds of images, and after many weeks of fine-tuning and some kind of curation, I selected the top three works and printed them on canvas.

In fact, Jason Allen’s words make sense. Some works of art have caused controversy before, including the contribution of the author to his work.

The most famous example is the ready-made “Fountain” presented by Marcel Duchamp in 1917, which was a simple mass-produced urinal that was exhibited at an exhibition in the United States. The original work has been lost, but The Fountain has the status of an important milestone in the art of the 20th century and is recognized as one of the most influential works of its time.

Or, for example, Damien Gerst, one of the most famous contemporary artists who creates works not with his own hands. Gerst only gives instructions to the workers, when it comes to large installations, or to apprentice artists who paint instead of him. Sometimes instructions can even come by phone or the Internet from another part of the world. How is this really different from AI generation?

Returning to Jason Allen’s Théâtre D’opéra Spatial. To generate the paintings, the artificial intelligence Midjourney was used, which can really impress with the quality of its robot . The image was enlarged using another AI – Gigapixel AI.

It seems that the case in Colorado is only the first sign. For example, simple backgrounds for some games are already being generated by AI. Welcome to cyberpunk!

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