The new folding Samsung wouldn’t have crease on the screen – details of Galaxy Z Fold 4


In 2022, the Galaxy Z line is already 3 years old. In this short time, foldable smartphones have undergone a global transformation and turned from an expensive knick-knack into a quality phone with cool features and a solid body.

Now they are bought not only by geeks from the world of mobile technology, but also by ordinary users who are tired of the fact that all devices are extremely similar to each other and differ only in terms of hardware.

More recently, the first rumors about the fourth generation of foldable smartphones from Samsung began to appear. According to the leaks, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 should make a real revolution in its segment. Here is the absence of the notorious fold, and top-end hardware, and cool cameras, which were so lacking in the Z line.

We collected all the rumors about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for you.

New foldable Samsung

Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 have appeared on the web, but authoritative sources that one could really rely on were silent. Just today, the well-known insider OnLeaks published his assumptions about the new folding smartphone from the Korean company.

This is what the Galaxy Z Fold 4 looks like according to OneLeaks renders.

According to rumors, the dimensions of the new device will change slightly. The parameters of the previous Galaxy Z Fold 3, which we have already reviewed, were 158.2 x 128.1 x 6.4 mm when open, while in the Galaxy Fold 4 they will change a little: 155 x 130 x 7 .1 mm.

It seemed to me that the third Fold in the hands is just super, so there were no special requirements for the new model, but now everything should be even better.

Of the other innovations in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, we note three protruding rear cameras like the top-end Galaxy S22 Ultra and a cutout for the front camera. Apparently, the company realized that the quality of the photo is more expensive than meaningless technologies, and decided not to install the front camera under the display.

Here is the Galaxy Z Fold 4 folded.

For a long time there have been rumors about the absence of the S Pen stylus in the new model. So far, nothing unambiguously can be said about this, but if you look closely at the smartphone in the video from the original source, then the stylus is not visible.

You know, everything is not so simple here: on the one hand, a pencil is an excellent tool for designers, artists and representatives of other creative professions. It’s a shame he won’t be.

On the other hand, in this case, you can always take the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Perhaps Samsung is looking at the usage scenarios of each model in its own way and positioning the Fold as an everyday device, not a workhorse.

The hinge on the Z Fold 4 should also change.

Also, some sources talk about the new hinge of folding smartphones. Apparently, the company decided to completely redesign the folding mechanism in order to use this device even easier. I think this is largely due to the new Galaxy Z Fold display , which is promised to be made without a crease .

Specifications Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung is very proud of their new Z line and proudly claims at every event that they are the first company to bring foldable smartphones to the masses. It is clear that with the characteristics of this phone will be in full order.

  • Screen: 7.5″ wrinkle-free, 120Hz refresh rate, LTPO.
  • External Screen: 5.8″ 120Hz LTPO 18:9.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.
  • Main camera: 108 MP wide, 12 MP ultra wide, two 10 MP telephoto lenses.
  • Front camera: 40 MP.
  • Battery: 5000 mAh.
  • Fast charge: 45W.
  • Water protection: IPX8.

In terms of hardware, the new Galaxy Z Fold is in for major improvements. Firstly, the new Samsung should have a top-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which we talked about earlier. Let me remind you that it is 20% more productive and 30% more energy efficient than the flagship Snapdragon 888. In general, the best of the best.

The new processor in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be just a gun!

Secondly, the new Samsung promises to completely update the Galaxy Z Fold 4 cameras . It seems that the main module, as well as the front camera, will migrate here from the previous flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra, where the cameras are absolutely identical.

Well, the icing on the cake is the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 display. It seems that Samsung plans to go all-in and for the first time decide to completely remove the wrinkle in the Z line. Oppo Find N, I don’t think Samsung will have much trouble.

Fold comparison between Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Oppo Find N.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 release date

At the moment, there is no official data on the announcement of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 , however, if the company adheres to its schedule, then new folding smartphones should be shown to us at the end of this summer, in August. Together with them, I personally look forward to the Galaxy Watch 5 smart watch, in which they promised to seriously upgrade the battery and add a lot of other features .

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 price

Now there is no information about the price of the Galaxy Fold 4 , however, many foreign sources claim that the foldable smartphone should become cheaper this year. Plus, the number of smartphones manufactured at the factory should double, which will definitely affect their price.

Again, again, for several years now, Samsung has been trying to push foldable phones to the masses. If the first Fold sold for a very high price, then the price of the Z Fold 3 no longer seemed to us something supernatural, although it remained high.

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