The most impressive paintings, music and other projects created by the neural network


In 2000, when it was considered cool to carry a CD player and even more so a mobile phone, people had no idea how much computers were evolving. Today, having an ordinary smartphone with you, anyone has the opportunity to create a real work of art in a few minutes – the Midjourney neural network is able to turn even the craziest idea into reality. However, in addition to it, there are many other neural networks that are capable of no less amazing things: compose music, write scripts, and even build houses. In this article, we invite you to learn about the most impressive projects that have become possible thanks to the existence of neural networks.

What would celebrities look like when they were old?

Let’s start with one of the most recent projects. Recently, Turkish photographer Alper Yesiltas presented the project “If nothing happened”, in which he showed how the faces of celebrities who died early would look like in old age. As an example, he took portraits of Princess Diana, King of Pop Michael Jackson, rapper Tupac Shakur and many other celebrities. He loaded their neural networks and allowed them to “age” the faces, after which he manually edited the photos so that they did not have distortions.

You can see the results of his work below.

Princess Diana in old age

Freddie Mercury in old age

John Lennon in old age

Michael Jackson in old age

Tupac Shakur in old age

Elvis Presley in old age

Heath Ledger in old age

Kurt Cobain in old age

Bruce Lee in old age

Music written by a neural network

Besides creating images, neural networks are not bad musicians. In 2022, mobile operator Tele2 and Platforma decided to use a neural network to write music about five Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Arkhangelsk and Kazan.

The skyline of each of these cities was used to determine the timbre of the composition. Population density information was used to place the notes in place and time. The created music was given as minuses to musicians who live in these cities – they composed the text and sang along with the instrumental. You can listen to the created music on Yandex.Music.

How the neural network helps in construction

Surprisingly, neural networks are also able to help in the construction of complex structures. In May 2022, it became known that a special artificial intelligence will control robotic equipment during the construction of the Yangqu dam. It is known that a huge hydroelectric power plant will be built in the Tibetan Plateau in just a couple of years – the completion of construction is expected in 2024. Such speed will be due to the fact that the computer will make fewer mistakes than people and give precise tasks to the technique. Robots are also good, because they work more smoothly, with high accuracy and without long breaks.

Construction of the Yangqu Dam

Games created by a neural network

In September 2022, This Girl Does Not Exist is a dating sim with simple puzzles. The creators of the game are a married couple, which created all the elements using neural networks. To create the faces of the characters, the woman used the Midjourney neural network, and other algorithms were taken for the music and script, the names of which are unknown. Many people found the project interesting because almost everything in it was created by a computer. But there are also people who have criticized the game because it has “no soul”.

A little earlier, a user under the nickname Nao_u created a game in the same way in which a person needs to shoot back from enemies. The Midjourney neural network did a good job of drawing the background, effects, models, and other elements of the game. You can play the game here.

Gameplay of the game created with Midjourney

How a neural network writes books

Finally, it is worth noting that neural networks can also write books. It turns out they are not perfect, but they keep the author’s style taken as an example well. In 2017, programmer Zack Thoutt developed a neural network that wrote the sixth part of the fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire, which was based on the TV series Game of Thrones. Much of the text is gibberish, but George Martin’s style of narration has been retained.

Here is an excerpt from the text, judge for yourself:

“Yeah, Pate.” The tall man raised his sword and beckoned it back, then pushed the large steel throne to where the girl had gone. Greenbeard waited near the gate, a large blinded bearded pimple from his fallen body plucking a white apple ring from his finger.


The neural network can even write books

Which of the following projects impressed you the most? Maybe you know something better? Write them in the comment section.

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