The man drank 30 cans of Pepsi daily for 20 years. See What happened to him


Doctors keep warning about the harmful effects of soda, but few can resist a cold can of Coke on a hot day. And sometimes one jar turns into two, and two into three. The hero of our story today broke all records – 41-year-old Andy Curry drank about four to five large bottles of Pepsi, and this is as much as 30 cans, daily for 20 years.

It all started innocently, to make it easier to spend the night at work in the supermarket, Andy drank cold Pepsi. The man really liked the taste, and the drink itself invigorated quite well. But soon the consumption of cola crossed all reasonable limits. Andy drank liters of it and spent 20 pounds a day on Pepsi, which is equivalent to 1,400 rubles.

About 7,000 pounds (492 thousand rubles) ran up in a year, and the man admits that instead of spending on an addiction, he could buy himself a new car every year. But the main problem was not money, but health. Due to the shock doses of sugar, Andy recovered to 120 kg, and the doctors diagnosed him with a pre-diabetic condition.

Having taken up his mind, with the help of diet and exercise, Andy was able to lose 12 kilos, but the addiction did not go away. So the man decided to turn to hypnologist David Kilmurry, who cured Andy in just one 40-minute session. A month later, Andy lost another 6 kg and seems to have really overcome his selective eating disorder. He still keeps 2 cans of cola in his fridge but doesn’t touch them. Addiction was replaced by drinking water and walking.