The latest quantum processor has been patented in Russia


Only 4 teams work on such processors in the world

As RB reports with reference to the press service of the Russian Quantum Center (RCC), a new quantum processor architecture based on kudits has been patented in Russia.

As the publication explains, qudits are quantum systems that can simultaneously be in more than two states – 0 and 1. It turns out that the processor architecture allows you to solve problems that are inaccessible to classical computers and supercomputers.

As our studies have shown, when implementing quantum algorithms, qudits can significantly save the resources of quantum processors, which is especially important for the current generation of devices.

Alexey Fedorov. Head of the scientific group at the RCC

At the same time, as specified in the RCC, only four teams are working on the development of qudite quantum processors all over the world. It is planned to send the development for international registration in the near future.