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The Kid Laroi Net Worth

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Who is Kid Laroi? (Biography)

Charlton Howard popularly known as The Kid Laroi is an Australian singer and rapper. He was born in Waterloo, Australia on August 17, 2003 (18 years old in 2022).

The Australian musician The Kid Laroi grew up in a dysfunctional family, but thanks to his talent and dedication, even before the age of 18, he was able to get to the musical Olympus. Now the performer is among the stars along with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

Kid Laroi Childhood and youth

Charlton Howard was born on August 17, 2003 ( zodiac sign – Leo ) in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo and grew up with his younger brother Austin. The boys’ parents were once well-connected in the music industry. 

Father, Nick Howard, worked as a producer and sound engineer, collaborated with many Australian stars. Mother, Sloane Howard, was a model, talent manager and founded a record label.

However, the couple divorced when the eldest son was four years old, and over time, Sloan lost useful contacts.

As a child, Charlton moved frequently with his brother and mother. At the age of seven, the boy found himself in the countryside in Broken Hill, where his grandparents lived, and attended a parochial school. 

Then the family spent some time in Adelaide, after which in 2017 they settled in the Sydney suburb of Redfern. A couple of years later, a documentary film was made about Howard’s biography, in which the area was called the ghetto.

The Charlton family can hardly be called prosperous: a single mother sometimes sold illegal substances to feed her sons, Howard himself worked part-time in a fruit store to cope with a difficult financial situation.

After the father left, the uncle was engaged in raising the boys, but in 2015, the man was killed. As the rapper later admitted, he wanted to avoid such a fate, so he made every effort to break into show business.

When the young man succeeded, he dropped out of school and came to grips with his career.


As a teenager, Kid Laroi took on the alias FC6, started rapping on his mother’s phone and uploading his own songs to the online platform SoundCloud. Later, together with another aspiring musician, Howard formed the Dream$Teams duo and began performing in front of a live audience.

After returning to Sydney, the rapper found the first producer who helped the young talent rent a studio to record songs, and also instructed to compose music for other artists. 

In 2017, Kid Laroi signed with record label Sony Music Australia and set out to build an international career. For the sake of this, the teenager was on duty near hotel rooms for two years and tried to get backstage to meet with famous artists who came on tour to Australia.


During this time, The Kid was involved in his own music and promotion. Laroi participated in competitions, created collaborations with other stars of the rap genre, and gave interviews.

The debut EP of the artist called 14 with a Dream was released in the summer of 2018. A year later, fans began to line up to get to know the idol at personal meetings, which he held in Sydney.

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Rise to fame

In 2018, The Kid Laroi met rapper Juice WRLD during his Australian tour. A year later, the musicians became close, and the mentor invited the protege to Los Angeles to observe the work in the studio and study.

Soon, the young artist signed an agreement with the American label Columbia Records, began performing at venues in Miami and New York, and attracted international attention when he uploaded a video for the song Let Her Go on YouTube.

The next hit was the composition Diva, recorded together with the American rapper Lil Tecca. The Kid Laroi continued to record both solo songs and collaborations with other artists, and also regularly appeared in the videos of his colleagues.

In the summer of 2020, the musician presented his debut mixtape F*ck Love to fans, and later expanded his discography with two deluxe reissues. Albums F*ck Love 2: Savage and F*ck Love 3: Over You were created with the participation of Machine Gun Kelly , Justin Bieber and other stars of the music scene.

The incredible success of The Kid Laroi was ensured by the song Without You, released at the end of 2020 with the album F*ck Love 2: Savage. 

In the spring of 2021, the rapper re-recorded a remix with Miley Cyrus, the composition became extremely popular on TikTok, appeared on the 8th line of the Billboard Hot 100 and brought Kid Laroi a number of music awards.

Even more recognition was achieved by the single Stay, recorded with Justin Bieber. The composition was released in the summer of 2021, reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Global 200, won the People’s Choice Awards in the Collaboration of the Year category and other prestigious awards.

Personal life

Now the musician lives in Los Angeles with his mother and younger brother in a house with his own recording studio. Since 2020, The Kid Laroi’s personal life has been connected with model, blogger and TikTok star Katarina Deme

Beloved often appear together at social events, award ceremonies, travel a lot and share pictures together on social networks. In the spring of 2022, a photo of the rapper with his girlfriend Katarina Deme was placed on the cover of Australian Vogue.



The height of The Kid Laroi is 171 cm, weight – 65 kg.

The Kid Laroi now

In February 2022, The Kid Laroi announced the recording of the studio album Kids Are Growing Up and embarked on their first world tour. 

Forbes magazine included the musician in the “30 under 30” rating among those who received professional recognition before the age of 30. The long list also included Willow Smith , Olivia Rodrigo and other celebrities.


  • 2018 – 14 with a Dream
  • 2020 – F*ck Love
  • 2020 – F*ck Love 2: Savage
  • 2021 – F*ck Love 3: Over You
  • 2022 – Kids Are Growing Up

Interesting Facts

  1. The pseudonym The Kid Laroi refers to the Gamilaraai people – the Australian indigenous population. The maternal ancestor of the rapper belonged to them, who was stolen from the natives as a child and placed in a colonial family, which the young man learned about only at the age of 18. On the paternal side, the performer has French roots.
  2. The transformation of a star from a resident of the ghetto in Redfern to a world celebrity occurred, including with the help of style. In Australia, the rapper earned little and dressed in tracksuits. After moving to California, the musician switched to luxury brands and became famous for his love of knitted jumpers. Kid Laroi even participated in a fashion photo shoot for Flaunt magazine and appeared on the cover of Wonderland. Charlton also runs an online store that sells hoodies and T-shirts with their own designs.
  3. In his work, the performer uses American jargon, for which he has been criticized more than once, because the rapper has been living in the USA only since 2019. The Kid Laroi himself explained that he borrows words and phrases because Australian slang is incomprehensible to most fans.


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