The iPhone makes you healthier. Apple explains why


The owners of iPhone and Android smartphones are constantly compared: because of this, it is even believed that the owners of Apple technology are richer, although there is still a lot to look at. Apple does some research on its own, and here they are really more interesting than others: for example, the company released a report from which it follows that its products promote health. Apple spoke in detail about how its gadgets help everyone, not just fans of a healthy lifestyle, as well as in which area its devices are most often used. We talk about why Apple is one of the healthiest IT companies in the world.

The Cupertino-based company has released a scientific report outlining how the Apple Watch , iPhone and other gadgets are helping to improve the health of users through evidence-based ideas. In it, the company described all its efforts made to improve the well-being of device owners since 2014. The company has paid special attention to the iOS Health app, which collects more than 150 metrics about how users feel, ranging from step count to noise exposure.

On the iPhone, you can also control your health. Buying an Apple Watch is optional, but recommended.

Currently, over 800 institutions in the US alone accept data from the Apple Health app on iPhone. With iOS 16 and watchOS 9, the company plans to add even more metrics, including heart, sleep, and women’s health. Apple COO Jeff Williams noted that the company is working hard to improve its health software, and the company’s goal is to create an ideal platform through which people become more aware of their health.

Apple also noted that third-party developers are actively using the HealthKit software platform, such as Nike Run Club. In addition, the company noted the role of its proprietary applications and future updates, in particular, watchOS 9 and Apple Fitness +.

What’s new in watchOS 9

This year, the company plans to make the Fitness app available even to those who don’t have an Apple Watch – in principle, this is a logical way to attract even more users. For example, motion sensors on the iPhone will be used to count your activity during workouts and calories burned, and the Health app will start integrating third-party workout data, even if you have a Mi Band. Also, the iPhone will display Apple Watch activity rings in a separate widget, so you can close them without a smartwatch, but not all.

Apple Fitness will still be unavailable without Apple Watch

Also, workouts at Apple Fitness will still be inaccessible without a smart watch, since the smartphone still cannot calculate your heart rate and other important indicators during classes, and only Mobility can be closed from the activity rings. It turns out that Apple is still cunning when it wants to help you become healthier. After all, your health is money for Apple , so you can’t do without an Apple Watch.

On the other hand, with the advent of watchOS 9 , users of the fitness service will receive rewards for certain types of training, for example, for the number of training sessions or the distance covered. However, if you don’t chase after them, then read our article on how the Mi Band works with the iPhone – everything is also very good there.

The new watchOS 9 chips and future Apple Watch models are another confirmation that the company wants to turn the gadget into a real medical device. Actually, Apple does not hide this: the report says that the company wants to take an active part in research and work with the medical community. One example of this is a small study on the use of the iPad in medical settings : it can be used by doctors to provide first aid at home, and it is also useful in the recovery of patients with various diseases.

According to Apple, this helps reduce healthcare costs. This includes the active introduction of telemedicine, and the use of additional applications for creating prescriptions, entering clinical notes, and even remote monitoring of patient vital signs.

In addition, the iPad can be used in the hospitals themselves to ensure that each patient has an individual comprehensive approach. In the report, Apple did not forget to mention how the software chips of iOS and other operating systems have contributed to the fight against the pandemic , as well as the impact of the Apple Watch on the lifestyle of users.

In general, the report has a lot of interesting nuances about the impact of Apple on the health of users. So the company emphasizes how many little things that we use every day have a positive effect on our health.

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