The Google Pixel Tablet may not be a tablet at all. Guess what I mean?


The Google I/O 2022 keynote was arguably the most gadget-packed Google presentation we’ve seen in nearly its entire history.

At the Google Developers Conference, consumer hardware presentations have often been held, but this time we were shown products in all modern niches, half of which are premieres for Google – it has not produced them before.

All of this was aimed at Pixel fans and software developers alike. Even though these are far from the devices that we can just buy, because some of them have just been announced, and the rest will not be officially sold with us, but it’s still very interesting.

When will the Google Pixel tablet be released?

The most curious of all the devices shown at the conference is the tablet. Many immediately called it the Google Pixel Tablet, but the company itself was more modest and simply called it “our Android tablet.”

Thanks to the renders shown in the scene, we know more or less what it will look like, and we have no doubt that it will use the Google Tensor processor.

However, the question remains what generation this processor will be. Perhaps by that time Google Tensor 2 will already be released, but this is not certain.

And we also have an extremely blurry launch window. In fact, by saying that the tablet will be released in 2023, the company simply said that it will be someday, and nothing more.

It might be even longer, but when it comes out, it will be the first Google tablet we can buy since 2015 . The search giant himself even drew attention to this.

In terms of appearance, the Pixel tablet is as versatile as you can imagine. This device does not look like something that should blow up the tablet market.

But it is very similar to the device, after the presentation of which we will say that this is another Android tablet.

It has large bezels that would have looked more appropriate on a decade-old device, a single rear camera that protrudes a lot from the body, and a Pixel 5-style design that’s just stretched out to the sides.

Will the Pixel Tab be as shown

With a high degree of probability, this is either a preliminary version, or even an attempt to confuse everything in order to roll out something fantastic later, but so far the presented novelty looks very strange.

It’s hard to look at a tablet like this and not wonder what the point is. Especially when they tell you about it a year (or even more) before the presentation.

Neither Google nor the Android OS itself has a stellar track record when it comes to tablets, and I hope the Pixel tablet will make a difference in this world of iPad dominance in the market it created.

the tablet

This design won’t make the Pixel stand out from other tablets.

However, there is reason to suspect that this tablet may still be more successful than such failures as the Nexus 9 and Pixel C.

First, Google’s decision to show the tablet at I/O for the first time is a statement of intent. So the company urged developers to work in this direction. Moreover, there is already Android 12L.

Google has insisted that it takes Android seriously on the big screens. However, many of us assumed that any advantages of a tablet operating system would simply be a side effect of the company’s pursuit of the foldable market.

The announcement of an Android tablet now indicates that the company is working in this direction. True, such an early statement leaves room for some doubts.

There’s also a good chance that it will be more than just a Pixel-branded Android tablet designed for typical tasks.

The design of the tablet is arguably closer to Google’s Nest smart home product line than it is to Pixel smartphones. The bright white front panel matches the current Nest Hub Max .


This is also a concept, but it is better than what we were shown.

Pixel tablet or smart home hub

That’s why many believe that this is actually a Nest product, or rather, a hybrid of a tablet that can be removed from the base for normal use, and a screen for a station that will control a smart home.

Such assumptions appeared long before the conference, around March of this year.

According to the information that appeared then, this detachable screen and the hub attached to it should have appeared as early as 2022.

But given the complexity of processor production and logistics in the world, it is not surprising that the launch was postponed .

Over the past year, Google has added more tablet-style UI elements to smart displays. Therefore, a full-fledged Nest Tablet capable of dual function will be of great importance to the Google ecosystem .

And at the same time, if it does not close the niche of the tablet, then at least it will cover it. This is where the neutral design that we talked about above can come from.


One camera is not enough even for a tablet.

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What is a Pixel tablet for?

If so, it will be more of an Echo Show competitor than an iPad. It will be possible to walk around the house with it, wallow with it on the couch, and at the same time use it in the kitchen when preparing a complex dish.

But using it on the road will not be so great. Moreover, in this case, most likely, there will not even be a normal set of accessories for him, such as covers, keyboards and styluses. And the performance will not be at the level of top processors.

There’s plenty of time left to consider the Google Pixel tablet (or smart home hub screen) ahead of its eventual (that word needs to be emphasized) launch.

But so far, despite the seemingly boring design, there is every chance that Google can surprise us with a unique approach to the tablet form factor.

Personally, I would like this. And you? Tell us about it in the comment section.