The explosion of the Apple Watch injured the user. The company is trying to hush up the case


Anyone who is convinced that only low-quality Chinese technology can explode will have to reconsider their views. A reader contacted the popular publication 9to5Mac, who said that his Apple Watch Series 7 almost caused a big problem. As evidence, he attached videos and photos of the smoking gadget.

According to the guy, it all started with the fact that the Apple Watch suddenly began to heat up on his hand. It turned out that the back panel of the gadget was cracked, and a notification popped up on the display asking to turn off the accessory. The guy decided to contact Apple technical support, where he received a recommendation not to touch the watch and wait for further instructions.

The next morning, the owner noticed that the Apple Watch had become even hotter, and the display had already cracked. When you try to take a picture of the gadget, it first crackled, and then exploded. The guy managed to throw the burning gadget out the window, but before that, the clock managed to set fire to his sofa. Miraculously, serious injury was avoided.

After another call to support, Apple has already responded. She sent a courier and took the crumpled Apple Watch for further study in the laboratory. At the same time, Apple employees tried to persuade the victim to remain silent and not to cover the story in public. He did not heed the requests, so we are waiting for Apple’s reaction, it should definitely follow if the “apple” company values ​​\u200b\u200bits reputation.