The best Nike sneakers: 10 fashionable and high-quality models of the brand


Sneakers are an integral part of the wardrobe of a modern person, they can be worn both for sports and as casual shoes for going out. Perhaps more than other brands, Nike has influenced this state of affairs – American sneaker models have turned our ideas about the design and comfort of shoes upside down.

Today we’ll talk about the best Nike sneakers, many of which appeared decades ago, but do not go out of fashion to this day.

#10 – Nike Challenger OG

Price: from 7800 rubles

A timeless classic, the first batch of these running shoes was released back in 1979 and hasn’t changed much since then. Strict black and white colors made the Challengers a great option for every day, but over time, the line has acquired more vibrant options. The upper is a combination of mesh, nylon and suede for both lightweight and overall comfort when worn as a pair from spring to fall. The emphasis here is not on manufacturability, but on general ideas about convenience – a soft insert in the ankle area, good cushioning of the sole, and ease of care. Nike Challenger OG is suitable for both men and women, the dimensional grid even includes options for children.

#9 – Nike Air Max 270

Price: from 14,300 rubles

Nike Air Max 270 is an iconic model for fans of street style. The line’s familiar air unit is maximized here for a signature silhouette and top-of-the-line cushioning. The streamlined design takes us back to running classics, but there are no standard athletic shoe restrictions here. A durable synthetic upper ensures a perfect fit, while the elasticated liner and sock construction add to the comfort. Like all Nike’s best shoes, the 270 strikes the perfect balance between vintage shapes and cutting-edge tech.

#8 – Nike M2K Tekno

Price: from 8000 rubles

An improved version of the popular budget Monarch. The oversized foam midsole is a nod to the 90s and the cult of chunky sneakers. A multi-layered upper made of durable leather, an original design with sharp corners, graceful lines of stitched overlays – all this allows M2K Tekno to look futuristic, regardless of fashion trends in a particular season. At the same time, M2K designers have added useful little things like a loop on the heel, which makes putting on and taking off shoes a lot easier. These are practically the cheapest Nike sneakers, but no less impressive.

No. 7 – Nike SB

Price: from 7000 rubles

The abbreviation SB in the Nike hierarchy is responsible for skateboarding shoes, among the current models are Bruin, Shane and Nyjah. Lightweight, low-profile, and bouncy Nike React cushioning makes them all the go-to shoes for the outdoor adventurer. The fabric of the upper is reinforced with nylon and suede inserts, so you don’t have to worry about quick wear. A cupsole outsole provides directional flex and a zigzag tread pattern for superior traction. Reviews for these Nike sneakers from the professional community are purely positive, but they are great for everyday wear in the city.

#6 – Nike React Vision

Price : from 12,800 rubles

One of the most popular models in our top Nike sneakers. Here, the brand’s experience in the field of textiles is fully used: the multi-layered synthetic upper attracts the eye, but at the same time provides the highest comfort, as it completely repeats the silhouette of the foot. A plastic heel counter paired with an aggressive outsole creates a unique look – the React Vision is truly unmistakable. The appearance of the sneakers is as if it is the result of manual labor. Well, where without signature Nike React foam – the road is literally not felt under your feet, even if you walk along it for more than an hour.

#5 – Nike Cortez

Price: from 9000 rubles

It is difficult to imagine the Nike sneaker rating without perhaps the main model in the history of street-wear. The Cortez has a full leather upper that is weather ready and easy to care for. The midsole is made of high-quality foam material, the comfortable insole molds to the shape of the foot. One of the main features of the model is constant collaborations with different brands and cultural events of the first magnitude, for example, the collab with the TV series Stranger Things on release in Russia scattered in a matter of days. Cortez doesn’t try to be both a casual shoe and sports equipment at the same time, so in matters of style they allow themselves a little more than Nike running or basketball models. Classic as it is.

#4 – Nike Air Max Plus

Price: from 16,300 rubles

A reimagining of the iconic Tuned Air. The wavy upper is made from a mix of synthetics and airy mesh for lightweight comfort. Nike Air inserts are responsible for stable cushioning, and decorative overlays are made of proprietary TPU material – you don’t have to worry about losing your appearance, the sneakers definitely won’t fall apart over the season, even with regular use. Air Max Plus have a reflective surface that looks very impressive at night. If you don’t know which Nike sneakers to choose as your main pair for every day, you have the option that you need. But at the same time, the model is not from the budget – these are the most expensive Nike sneakers on the list.

#3 – Nike Air Max 97

Price: from 16,300 rubles

The top three of our review is continued by a real legend – the design of the Air Max 97 is inspired by Japanese high-speed trains and, despite the 25 years that have passed since the release, even today they look futuristic. While visually stiff, the leather and synthetic upper is actually very flexible and lightweight. The Nike Air Running Cushion is in place for softness and comfort above all else. A rubber outsole with an original tread pattern guarantees a high level of traction, while the foam material inside provides elasticity and cushioning. Good shoes that will never go out of style.

#2 – Nike Air Jordan 1

Price: from 11 300 rubles

When it comes to Nike leather sneakers, the first thing that comes to mind is the Air Jordan 1, a pair that changed sports, fashion, and culture in general. Durability and signature design is provided by a combination of natural and synthetic leather. About depreciation, everything is already clear – the Air-Sole insert is still the best solution on the market, which was appreciated by professional athletes from all over the world. An extremely reliable outsole with a branded tread, in such sneakers it is not slippery even on ice, not to mention the asphalt or the parquet of the basketball hall. Every detail from the tongue to the insole is focused on softness and a high level of comfort. For nearly forty years, Jordans have been a sign of quality.

#1 – Nike Air Force 1

Price: from 11 300 rubles

The Nike Air Force 1 is the epitome of 70s style. There are cute retros, obvious basketball silhouettes, and perforation of the skin, taking the countdown from the moment the sneakers were turned into everyday shoes. In terms of performance, the “forces” are comfortable and are perfect for demi-season: the skin is hardy, any dirt can be easily removed from them with an ordinary damp cloth. This year the model is celebrating its 40th anniversary, but its popularity is only growing from year to year: the design of truly iconic sneakers, like wine, only gets better with time.

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