Tesla’s new Cybertruck design. Even Elon Musk is unhappy with the changes in the armored truck


Tesla continues to work on Cybertruck. H and the other day a new prototype armor-pickup was filmed in Fremont (California), quadrocopter on the test range of the company. And at first glance it is clear that the model has changed significantly.

The network immediately drew attention to the huge wiper blade. Elon Musk himself commented on her appearance – “… The janitor worries me most of all. There is no easy way out. A retractable wiper that retracts under the hood would be an ideal but challenging solution, ”he tweeted.

The front glass of the pickup turned out to be too long, and, apparently, I really had to steam over the wipers. All previous Cybertruck prototypes rolled without wipers at all, and the laser “wipers” for which Tesla received a patent in 2021, it seems, will remain a concept for the future.


Another brainchild of the Mask acquired side rear-view mirrors. Elon is also not very happy with this decision – the mirrors were installed, since, by law, automakers are obliged to include them in the package. But owners can modify their vehicles and remove their mirrors after purchase. So Tesla will probably offer smaller cameras as an option instead of conventional mirrors. 

And the third major change is the updated lighting technology. The previous prototype had one long LED strip along the entire width of the bonnet, and an additional strip above the windshield :

The new Cybertruck has lost (or is it not turned on?) Overhead light, and instead of a solid LED strip, ordinary separate headlights appeared along the edges of the hood with 3 small dimensions in the center. According to the rules – in the United States, they must be installed on cars more than 80 inches (203 cm) wide, that is, the pickup will turn out to be hefty not only in length.

the prototype – not yet final: due to the fact that Cybertruck packed with a bunch of technology start its production and moved again. Initially, they were going to start making cars at the end of this year, then they were postponed to 2022, and in September Elon Musk said without trifling about a new date: already the end of 2023.