Tesla Owner Implants Chip in His Hand to Unlock Vehicle


How do you start your car? A key, a remote key fob, or maybe you mainly use a dedicated smartphone app? All of these methods pale in comparison to what one Tesla owner did.

Keyless Tesla

The most classic and popular way to start a car to this day is to use a key. We go in, look for a hole on the right side of the steering column, turn the key and the engine comes to life. However, major changes have taken place over the past 20 years – for example, already in 2001, in Laguna II, Renault offered to start the engine using a button and a card inserted into a special slot.

Today, generic keys are increasingly being abandoned and replaced with keyless solutions. It can be a map, or maybe a smartphone application. However, for one Twitter user, these amenities were not enough. So he decided that his Tesla would be powered by a tiny chip that a man always carries with him – under the skin of his arm.

Brandon Dalali decided to install the VivoKey Apex implant, which supports several functions at once, and not just those related to the car. The Tesla Key is simply an application installed on the implant.

It turns out that this is not Brandon’s first such operation. In his left hand, he installed VivoKey Spark 2, which unlocks his apartment, stores personal and medical data. The whole process, performed by a professional, cost the hero of the article $ 400.

The man is most likely a member of the VivoKey testing program and did not pay for the purchase of the chip. Thanks to his experiments, we see what the future of car launches could look like in a few decades. And if you’re worried that Brandon will get bored with his current Tesla, don’t worry – in the future, chir can be paired with other cars leaving Elon Musk’s factories.


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