Telegram Premium is getting closer – the messenger will no longer be “forever free”


Since its global launch, the Telegram messenger has positioned itself as a “free forever” product. This message appeared when installing the program on Android. More precisely, the slogan was: “Telegram is free forever. Without advertising. No subscription fees.” But now it looks like things are about to change.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi said that the text of the slide has changed in the section with translations for messenger client applications. Now it looks like this: “Telegram offers free unlimited cloud storage for chats and media files.”

Although there has been no official statement from the developers so far, it can be assumed that this is preparation for the launch of Telegram Premium.

In the fall of last year, an advertisement appeared in the messenger, which showed ads in large channels and groups. Premium features have also been previously reported. In particular, owners of paid accounts will receive a special badge next to their name, full-screen emoji and some other features will be available to them.

Thus, Telegram plans to improve the monetization of the product.