Telegram arranged a purge of inactive users. Deleted accounts and took away nicknames



In mid-August, Telegram developers carried out a massive purge – they removed all users and all channels that had been inactive for a year. The vacated nicknames and addresses have been reserved, so that they can be taken again soon. True, promptness alone will not be enough for this – you will have to pay for the most “trump” links.


Pavel Durov himself spoke about the cleansing in his blog. He explained that 70% of all available names in Telegram were occupied by cybersquatters from Iran. These are people who massively create channels just to stake out a good address and, if possible, successfully sell it. As a result, these channels hang dead weight and prevent conscientious users from occupying normal addresses for their accounts and channels.



Now, 99% of the addresses will again go to the people, but this time with algorithmic and geolocation restrictions so that the situation with enterprising Iranians does not happen again. As for the best short links, they will be raffled off at the auction. Durov believes that people who are willing to pay for a beautiful address will definitely use it for its intended purpose and post interesting content on their channels.


At first glance, this is a good initiative, if you do not take into account the opinion of those users from whom these addresses were taken away. Not all of them were cybersquatters. Many used inactive channels as calling cards, encyclopedias, or public archives. But the lack of new posts still became a reason for deletion.

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