Suzuki enters the race to create a flying electric car by 2025

Japan’s leading flying car manufacturer SkyDrive is teaming up with auto giant Suzuki to develop a compact two-seat eVTOL flying electric vehicle. The project should be completed by the opening of the Osaka World Expo in 2025.
It will be a two-seat multicopter glider with eight engines and a transparent cockpit. It will be able to lift a load weighing up to half a ton to a height of 500 meters and fly at a maximum speed of 100 km / h – however, no more than 20-30 minutes.
flying car
Once on the ground, the flying machine will turn into a “ground” three-wheeled (two wheels in front and one in the back) electric vehicle capable of accelerating up to 60 km/h.

At first, the Suzuki quadcopter will serve as a flying taxi during the Osaka 2025 World Expo, and later it will be used in other regions of Japan.

flying car

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