Suddenly: Apple may reduce the price of new generation of its gadget right at the start


I wonder where such generosity comes from?

It so happened that in the modern world, new gadgets are sold either at the price of their predecessors, or even more expensive. But, apparently, Apple decided to go the other way.

If you believe the fresh forecast of the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, then in the near future, the apple corporation will introduce a new generation of the branded Apple TV set-top box.

And it will just cost less than the previous model.

So, if the company is asking $180 for the current 4K model, and only $150 for the HD version, then in the future it may also start asking only $150 for the Apple TV 4K.

Note that at the moment there is no exact data on how the new prefix will differ from the old one. It is also unclear how soon the announcement of new items will take place. Perhaps this will happen as part of the upcoming WWDC 2022 conference.

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