Study: Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones depreciated 3 times more than the iPhone 13 line



SellCell conducted a study and found out which currently popular smartphones depreciate the fastest.


The main characters of the study were smartphones Samsung Galaxy S22, iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6, and it was taken into account how much their cost decreased in the first 2 months after the start of sales.

As it turned out, the Samsung Galaxy S22 line of smartphones has depreciated almost three times more than the iPhone 13 line.

Just two months after launch, the S22 range as a whole has lost 46.8% of its value. The Google Pixel 6 didn’t do much better, shedding 41.5% of its value two months after launch.

As for the iPhone 13‌, these models have lost only 16.8% of their value. The Galaxy S22 is also the only smartphone line that has consistently depreciated and hasn’t bounced back since launch.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G (128 GB) decreased the most — by 53.8%. It is followed by Pixel 6 Pro with 128 GB – 44.2%.

The best Samsung model was the 128 GB Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G with a loss of 41.7%. At the same time, the price tag of Pixel 6 at 128 GB has decreased by 33.1% during this time.

At the same time, among Apple smartphones, the worst was the iPhone 13 mini, which lost 29.2% of its value. But the 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro Max lost only 3.8% in 2 months.

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