Stromae – L’enfer


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Stromae - L’enfer

L’enfer, which means “Hell” is a crazy song on it own delivered out of genuine mind by Stromae. From the English Lyrics, the artiste describes how she feels.

Stromae stated that even if he feels weird, there are millions of people like him, who are facing Hell on earth.

This is so simple, we are all facing one challenges or the other, which makes us want to end our lives. Just remember suicide is not an option. Try as much as possible to silent the beast in You.

The funny thing about this song is that he Belgian singer left us in the dark on the decision to make, He only describes the situation. However, I’ll advice you to live your Lives when t matters

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You can watch the Video below, but before that, Kindly check out Sip Alcohol Christian version by Jlyricz

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L’enfer Lyrics by Stromae

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J’suis pas tout seul à être tout seul
Ça fait d’jà ça d’moins dans la tête
Et si j’comptais combien on est

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The song “L’enfer” is an inspiration of the feelings that Music brings. Wikipedia defines Music as “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” Most Times singers drops awesome videos for their songs to make their fans feel the Emotions behind the Good Music. Meanwhile the Genre of the song defines the beauty of the rhyme and how well the Fans can vibe to It.

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