SteelSeries introduced Arena computer speakers: made specifically for gamers


On August 23, SteelSeries introduced the Arena family of gaming speakers. It includes three models: Arena 3, Arena 7 and Arena 9, which differ from each other in functionality and cost.

The base Arena 3 is priced at $130, which is expensive for entry-level speakers. However, the Steelseries bosses have never hidden their financial appetites, so you shouldn’t be surprised. In addition to an attractive design, the speakers do not have any remarkable features; 4-inch radiators are responsible for the sound here.

Arena 7 for $ 300 looks more interesting: there is RGB lighting, finely tuned through proprietary software, high-frequency tweeters and a subwoofer, which should provide a richer sound. In addition, Arena 7 can be connected to the PlayStation via classic USB.

The top Arena 9 was priced at $550. This is a multi-channel system capable of 5:1 surround sound. The model comes complete with a subwoofer and three additional speakers: one center speaker and a pair of wall speakers that the user can install wherever he wants. Another feature of the premium model is a remote control knob for volume control.

The family looks cool, but if you want, you can buy speakers from a less hyped brand for the same money and get a more advanced sound. Although, wealthy fans of gaming peripherals are unlikely to disappoint the Arena line.

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