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St. Vincent Net Worth

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St. Vincent full Biography

Having released a number of commercially successful albums, received a scattering of Grammys and worldwide recognition, the American rock singer St. Vincent, it would seem, she can now calmly rest on the laurels of popularity until the end of her life.

But the owner of the mezzo-soprano is not looking for peace of mind. With her characteristic energy, Annie Clark continues to explore life through music, striking the listener with incredibly complex arrangements.

Childhood and youth

Star Anne Erin Clark, who later shone under the pseudonym St. Vincent was born on September 28, 1982 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The parents of the future singer had nothing to do with art: her mother worked as a social worker and administrator in a non-profit organization, and her stepfather served in the tax office.

When Annie was 3 years old, her parents divorced, and a few years later, her mother, taking Erin and her two sisters in her arms, moved to Dallas, where the girl spent her childhood and adolescence.

The craving for creativity manifested itself in the baby at the age of 5 – then her mother gave her daughter a toy guitar for Christmas. And already at 12, the future rock star began to master playing an adult instrument and play in a local jazz band.

After graduating from Lake Highlands High School in 2001, Annie moved to Boston, where she enrolled at Berklee College of Music

There, a talented and full of desire to fulfill herself, the girl lasted only 3 years: at the university they mainly paid attention to theory, and she wanted to create music.

Back in Texas, St. Vincent began her musical career as a member of the Polyphonic Spree. She toured with the Glenn Branca Orchestra and later with multi-instrumentalist Sufyan Stevens before starting her own project.

In May 2010, St. Vincent’s father was sentenced to 12 years in prison for $43 million in securities fraud and money laundering.


In 2006, Annie Clark began working on her debut album, using the creative name St. Vincent. 

This name was not chosen by chance – it is a reference to a line from Nick Cave‘s song about Dylan Thomas, who died in St. Vincent’s Hospital. It was also the name of Clarke’s great-grandmother.

The singer’s first solo album was released in 2007 and was called Marry Me. The record was warmly received by critics, who compared the singer’s music with the works of Kate Bush and David Bowie.

It is significant that the girl attracted the former pianist of the last Mike Garson to record a studio album. Annie’s Polyphonic Spree colleagues, drummer Brian Teasley and horn player Louis Schwadron, also took part in the production.

In general, Clarke’s creative style, which is dominated by a mixture of fatal trends, was largely influenced by David Bowie. Also, Talking Heads , Pink Floyd and Patti Smith contributed to the development of the musical taste of the star. 

Among guitarists, Annie’s playing style has been influenced by Jimi Hendrix , Marc Ribot, Adam Jones, as well as Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew of King Crimson.


A year later St. Vincent received nominations for the first music awards and, after a large concert tour, began preparing the next album, which was called Actor (2009). 

The new release, according to the singer, was inspired by Disney cartoons. It was more commercially successful than its predecessor and charted on the Billboard 200.

In 2011, the singer’s third studio album, Strange Mercy, appeared on the shelves, which turned out to be even more successful than the previous ones. A city tour of Europe and North America followed in support of the album. 

After returning home St. Vincent has teamed up with David Byrne (ex-Talking Heads member) to record their collaborative album Love This Giant.

In November 2013, Clark received the American Smithsonian Award and also signed a contract with Loma Vista Recordings, under whose auspices she released her fourth full-length disc, titled St. Vincent, who brought the artist the first Grammy.

Clarke’s next studio album, Masseduction, released in October 2017, also drew rave reviews from critics. Particular attention deserved the second single of the record Los Ageless

The composition received a clip in which St. Vincent in a creepy manner parodies the life of socialites in Los Angeles. The track not only turned out to be different from what the singer had done before, but also completely blurred the boundaries of the genre as the climax grew.

The sixth album in Annie Clark’s creative biography, symbolically titled Daddy’s Home, was released in 2021. In an interview, the performer admitted that the idea of ​​the disc was inspired by events in her personal life – the star’s father was released from prison the day before. The lead single of the disc was the energetic, intense song Pay Your Way in Pain.

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Personal life

Clark lives and works in New York. Being at the pinnacle of fame and popularity, the singer often has to answer provocative questions from journalists, and the latter are haunted by the sexual orientation of the artist.

So, in 2014, Annie, in an interview with Rolling Stone, St. Vincent noticed that she admits the inconstancy of gender and sexuality, but prefers not to identify her orientation. 

Nevertheless, the fact of the performer’s romantic relationship with the actress and model Cara Delevingne , whom Clark met for 2 years, did not hide from the attentive media.


St. Vincent and Kristen Stewart couple

Shortly after parting, St. Vincent was often seen in the company of Twilight star Kristen Stewart. The relationship, however, did not last long, Stewart and Clark broke up shortly after their first official appearance as a couple, and the actress switched to Stella Maxwell.

St. Vincent now

In April 2022 St. Vincent won her third Grammy award in the Best Alternative Album category. For the coveted statuette, the singer rose, dressed in an incredibly luxurious evening dress from the latest Gucci spring collection.

A pale pink silk dress with a teardrop neckline, embroidered with sequins and equipped with puffy cuffs and a hem, deserved special attention from the press.

Glossy publications and social networks replicated spectacular photos of St. Vincent from the ceremony.

It is worth noting that the singer became the first woman who won several times in the nomination “Best Alternative Album”. Together with St. Vincent competed for the main music award Arlo Parks, Japanese Breakfast, Halsey and Fleet Foxes.

St. Vincent Discography

  • 2003 – Ratsliveonnoevilstar
  • 2006 – Paris Is Burning
  • 2007 – Marry Me
  • 2009 – Actor
  • 2011 – Strange Mercy
  • 2012 – 4AD Session
  • 2012 – Love This Giant
  • 2013 Brass Tactics
  • 2014 – St. Vincent
  • 2017 — Massedduction
  • 2021 – Daddy’s Home
  • 2021 – The Nowhere Inn

Interesting Facts about St. Vincent

  1. Together with close friend, musician and writer Carrie Brownstein, St. Vincent wrote the script for the thriller The Nowhere Inn (2020), where she also played one of the roles. In 2016, the singer made her debut as a director, working on an excerpt from the horror anthology XX.
  2. The multi-instrumentalist has a collection of guitars, many of which she designed herself.
  3. While working on material for the third album, Clarke collaborated with the indie band Bon Iver on the soundtrack for the Twilight saga.
  4. While working on the second record, Clarke did not have a studio, so she recorded songs on a computer at home, for which she often received complaints from her neighbors.
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