Spies never dreamed of this! Apple plans to bring a camera to the Apple Watch


The last few generations of Apple Watches have not offered any revolutionary developments, simply becoming slightly more advanced versions of their predecessors. Nevertheless, the Cupertino engineers are preparing something interesting: Apple has worked on and patented a watch project with a built-in camera.

According to the diagrams, the lens will be built into a wheel on the end, which will probably stop rotating. And in order not to deprive the user of the already existing methods of controlling the clock through the wheel, it is supposed to turn its outer part into a touch-sensitive surface.


Spies never dreamed of! Apple plans to bring a camera to the Apple Watch


There is also an alternative solution, in which the camera is located on the cover of the watch, adjacent to the hand, while the display will act as a viewfinder – however, in this case, the watch will have to be removed from the hand.

Curiously, the patent also touches on the naturally emerging issue of confidentiality, because such watches in the most obvious way can and will be used as spy equipment. The scope of patents usually does not include such legal issues, and therefore the document is supposed to be vaguely worded that

“those responsible for the collection, analysis, disclosure, transfer, storage or other use of personal data will comply with generally accepted privacy policies and / or practices confidentiality.”


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