Sony made a “microscopic” front camera – this is a replacement for cutouts and monobrows


In most modern smartphones, the front camera is located inside the cutout in the screen – it can be a teardrop notch, a massive unibrow or a small “island” under the lens. The essence is the same, the difference lies only in the shape of the hole in the matrix.

Separately from the industry, Sony is moving, which still uses the classic placement of the selfie module – in a frame above the screen. And there was information that the Japanese found a logical way to improve their concept.

Chinese insiders report that the forthcoming Sony Xperia 1 V will get a notch-less display and the front camera will be placed in a barely visible tiny hole, next to other sensors on a narrow top frame.

So far, we have not seen such small cameras, but since Sony is a leading sensor manufacturer, the Japanese probably have a new development ready that will allow such an idea to be realized. It is also rumored that Google’s first foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold, should get a similar arrangement of the selfie module. We can only wait for the announcements, the release date and specifications of the Sony Xperia 1 V are still classified.

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