Smartphones of these brands are unprofitable to buy, they depreciate like crazy


A new smartphone is usually bought with the expectation of using it for two to three years. However, many owners annually resell their devices and switch to new models so as not to miss anything from new technologies. If you are one of them, these smartphone brands are contraindicated for you.

Which smartphones lose the most in price?

According to data compiled by Statista, Motorola devices lost the most in price in 2021 – in their case, the average cost reduction is as much as 85% per year! In the assortment of Americans, Motorola One Hyper fell the most in price – by as much as 85.7%. Slightly less Motorola razr (85.3%), and Motorola One 5G – 83.8%.

Models from LG also dropped significantly in 2021: LG Velvet 5G — 84.1%, and LG V60 ThinQ — 82.8%. However, it’s hard to talk about surprise here, because all the top LG smartphones depreciated very quickly even in the heyday of the company. In addition, at the beginning of April 2021, LG officially announced its exit from the mobile segment – this information could discourage consumers from buying leftover Korean devices in stores and on the secondary market, as many were afraid that they would be left without support for updates.

Which smartphones lose the least value?

People who want the least to lose when reselling their smartphone should choose the iPhone. In 2021, the iPhone 12 Pro Max lost the least in price – 31.7%. The iPhone 12 mini lost the most, down as much as 43.8%, although this is not surprising since globally, the entire iPhone mini series has been a flop (with the exception of Japan, where small iPhones have sold very well).

The Google Pixel 5, which lost 49.8% in price in 2021, is in the middle of the rankings. This is a lot, but still much less than in the case of LG and Motorola smartphones.

As a curious fact, we can add that in 2021, men are more likely than women to resell their smartphones in the secondary market. Moreover, people aged 25 to 34 did it most actively (28.04% of all resales), and least of all, people aged 65 and older (6.57%).