Smartphone Satisfaction Ranking 2021-2022: Odd Leaders


Having acquired a new smartphone, not all owners are satisfied with what they received.

As follows from a recent report by experts studying the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), the overall indicator for the study period (from April 2021 to March 2022) decreased by 1.4% to 73 points out of 100.

Regarding specific smartphone models, the most satisfied (86 points) the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra turned out to be their choice – frankly not the most successful flagship of the brand in recent years.


Smartphone Satisfaction Ranking 2021-2022: Odd Leaders


The silver medalist (84 points) is no less surprising: this is LG Aristo 3, a Snapdragon 425-powered budget device launched back in 2019.

And only in third place is the apple gadget, and even that is far from new – the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 82 points. By the way, it shares bronze with the Galaxy S10 and S20, who scored the same 82 points.

And although it is claimed that 23,411 random respondents from the United States took part in the study over the past year, the absence of at least one smartphone in 2021 and even more so in 2022 in the twenty cannot but raise questions.

By the way, the Galaxy Note 9 topped the 2020 rating.

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Smartphone Satisfaction Ranking 2021-2022: Odd Leaders
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra