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Sergey Spivak Net Worth

Sergey Spivak in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $1 Million.

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Full Biography of Sergey Spivak

UFC fighter Sergey Spivak never chooses opponents and without hesitation enters a duel with those who are offered to him. Perhaps that is why the heavyweight, nicknamed the Polar Bear, gives the impression of an imperturbable machine, destroying everyone standing in his way to victory. There were defeats in the career of the athlete, but he accepted those without unnecessary emotions and continued to climb to the next peaks.

Childhood and youth

Sergey Spivak was born on January 24, 1995 in Chisinau and has citizenship of Moldova, although he considers himself a Slav, since his parents are Russian and Ukrainian by nationality.

The love for mixed martial arts was born in childhood: looking at the fights of Fedor Emelianenko on TV, Sergey Spivak saw an impeccable role model in this man, strong in spirit and body. Then the boy began to practice martial arts, starting with jiu-jitsu, and then tasting boxing and judo.

Sergey Spivak recalls that nothing was easy for him: progress was achieved only by months of long and hard daily training, in which he disappeared after school until late in the evening.

The guy would not have survived without the support of his father, who, on the one hand, served as his own example, and on the other, he endlessly believed in his son and did not allow him to retreat in times of difficulty.

Sergey Spivak had to endure: for 7 years he had no victories, and a series of defeats was interspersed with a calm fatherly parting word: “Son, go and train.” The parental faith and perseverance of the athlete were rewarded a hundredfold, and years later Sergey Spivak ended up in the top 15 heavyweights of the most prestigious MMA promotion.

mixed martial arts

Sergey Spivak’s professional career began in the Ukrainian RFP promotion, where in September 2014 he made his debut fight against Andrey Serebryanikov, who ended with a technical knockout in the first round. Since then, Sergey Spivak began to compete under the auspices of the WWFC, where he had an unbeaten streak of six fights.

He defeated Evgeny Bova and Yuri Gorbenko by painful submissions, and Luke Morton and Artem Chertkov by knockouts. In June 2017, the 21-year-old fighter won the championship fight against Travis Fulton, and in 2018 he confirmed his title twice.

From the following year, Spivak began to compete in the UFC, where he made his debut in the battle against Walt Harris, which he lost in the opening round: an experienced heavyweight knocked out the promotion newcomer in the very first minute of the meeting. 

However, defeat did not knock Sergey Spivak out of the saddle. He won the next fight. He also defeated Jared Vandera, whom he powerfully knocked out in the 2nd round in February 2021.

Sergey Spivak

Sergey Spivak and Alexei Oleinik

And the fight with Alexei Oleinik, which took place on June 19, 2021 in Las Vegas, ended in favor of Spivak. Despite the fact that the opponent was well tuned in to Sergey and throughout the fight he confidently attacked and threw sidelines, the Russian did not manage to carry out his crown choke, and the judges gave the victory to the Polar Bear by unanimous decision.

After 2.5 months, Spivak met in the octagon with Tom Aspinall. The fight turned out to be spectacular, but short: the Englishman defeated Sergey by knockout in the initial round, earning an award for the performance of the evening.


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Personal life

The brutal heavyweight does not turn social networks into a chronicle of his sports victories – there is also a place for personal life. Sergey proudly and lovingly shares with the public photos of his wife Yana, who on April 30, 2020 gave him a daughter, Polina.

The Polar Bear is a loving husband and a gentle father who leaves all the severity in the perimeter of the octagon. He does not get tired of confessing his love to his wife, whom he calls a gift of fate.

Sergey Spivak now

Now Spivak, with a height of 191 cm and a weight of 110 kg, continues to perform in the heavyweight division of the UFC. On March 5, 2022, Sergey fought against Greg Hardy, where he won by technical knockout in the first round. For the Moldovan athlete, this victory was the 14th in his career.

Sergey Spivak prepares for battles on his own: no one leads him, he trains, chooses halls and goes to training camps himself. In 2022, Spivak trained at the UFC Development Institute.

Separate mentors help Sergey Spivak to put the fighting technique, others work with the legs, and others with weight loss. Although the athlete does not experience problems with the latter: he eats right, eats healthy food, only once a week allowing himself a “prohibition”, and then only in order to get additional energy.

Sergey Spivak Achievements

  • 2017 – Won vacant WWFC Heavyweight Championship
  • 2018 – Defended the WWFC Heavyweight Championship
  • 2018 – Defended the WWFC Heavyweight Championship

Interesting Facts about Sergey Spivak

  1. As a child, Sergey was called a polar bear by his father and, having become an MMA fighter, the athlete proudly began to perform under this nickname.
  2. Due to the fact that Sergey Spivak began his career in the Ukrainian promotion, he was repeatedly presented as a Ukrainian and released to fight under the yellow-blue flag.
  3. The athlete admitted in an interview that he does not get joy from work, because hitting people in the face seems to him a dubious pleasure.
  4. Sergey considers Fedor Emelianenko, Junior dos Santos , Kane Velasquez and Khabib Nurmagomedov to be the best fighters in the history of MMA .
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