See Why Apple has removed physical SIM slot from the new iPhones

  • September 10, 2022

Apple has always been an innovative company that does not hesitate to bring interesting and sometimes dubious ideas to life. And such a policy is clearly bearing fruit, because the Cupertino people do not complain about the lack of commercial success, and it is “apple” smartphones that usually set trends for the rest of the market. Perhaps we are witnessing the birth of another such trend right now.

Among the innovations that the new iPhone 14 flaunts, there was one that many would call a downgrade. The SIM card slot has disappeared from the American version of the smartphone. Yes, you read that correctly, no more physical SIM cards – from now on, the iPhone 14 only supports virtual eSIMs, which used to be optional.

Apple decided to abandon physical SIM cards in favor of electronic eSIMs for practical reasons. Americans have been relieved of the need to go to operators’ outlets, fiddle with the SIM card tray and the card itself. eSIM is easy to install and set up from the comfort of your couch. The Apple company sees the future in its decision.

Perhaps Apple is right, and for the foreseeable future, all smartphones will come out without SIM slots by default. But this is not accurate, because physical SIM cards have their advantages, and people are simply used to them.

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