Secret developer menu found on iPadOS 16


One of the main features of iOS 16 is the new customizable lock screen. Unfortunately, it’s only available on iPhone, but iPadOS 16 has a secret debug menu that allows you to enable it on iPad too.

Apple has created a new internal app called “PosterBoard” that redirects the user to the lock screen customization options. This app is hidden by default and only accessible through certain options. However, even though the new lock screen is missing from iPadOS 16, it is still there and there is a way to access it.

As one Twitter user discovered, Apple forgot to hide PosterBoard from the list of applications. So all you have to do is create a shortcut that opens the PosterBoard app, and you’ll have access to lock screen customization options on iPad as well.

Opening the PosterBoard app brings up the debug menu, which is used by Apple designers and engineers to test all the new options available on the iOS 16 lock screen. There you can see in action how options like adding new animated wallpapers or changing colors will work on the iPad . But, of course, there is a catch.

The only thing that can be done through this debug menu is to change the font and color of the time on the default lock screen. Applying any other lock screen options does not work.