Sebastian Vettel blasts Alonso: “Even he himself makes mistakes”


Sebastian Vettel criticizes Fernando Alonso’s statements about Lewis Hamilton after the Belgian GP as disrespectful. The German understands the Spanish’s frustration at the moment, but remembers that all of them are clear that the radios are open and that you have to be careful with what you say.

Alonso’s statements after the start of the Belgian GP with which he accused Hamilton of only knowing how to start at the front did not go unnoticed and Vettel himself has also commented on what happened. The German believes that the words are disrespectful and remarks that at that moment, Fernando made a mistake.

Vettel recalls that Hamilton is one of the cleanest drivers on the grid and although he has not been exempt from some controversial incident with his rivals, he is rarely seen exceeding the limit. In Belgium, he believes that Lewis was wrong to close the door that way, while Alonso was far from correct on the radio.

“I think all drivers are aware that radio conversations are public and it was a very disrespectful comment. Lewis is one of the cleanest drivers on the grid and I doubt he had any bad intentions, he just made a mistake at the time. Everyone fails, even Fernando makes mistakes sometimes,” Vettel acknowledged at the FIA ​​press conference ahead of the Dutch GP.

Vettel understands the emotional reaction from Alonso, who was in a very good position after a smooth start at the first corner. However, after that touch at the end of the straight, it was a shame to lose two places and there was also fear of being forced to retire the car early, as it happened with Hamilton.

“In that case, it is an emotional reaction on Fernando’s part . If you are in that kind of situation, you are worried about the fact that there is damage to your car and you have to leave the race when you were in a good position,” Sebastian said.