Scientific evidence that low wages destroy people’s health


The average wage changes regularly, unfortunately, for some men and women the level of wages remains below the average level – this directly affects the quality of their life and has a bad effect on their health. The reason for these consequences is clear: due to lack of money, people are not able to afford a comfortable life, often experience stress, eat less than the best quality food, and so on. As part of this article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results of studies that have proven how much a lack of money affects human health.

Low pay leads to brain disease

Recently, British scientists studied the data of 6 thousand people who were born from 1902 to 1943. All participants in the study were elderly men and women with different health conditions – some remained quite strong, while others suffered from various diseases, including dementia. Comparing their health scores to wage levels when they were younger, the researchers concluded that low-wage earners were 50% more likely to suffer from age-related memory loss.

Low income increases the risk of dementia

Scientists believe that the risk of dementia is mainly increased because, due to the lack of money, men and women are in constant nervous tension. The researchers also noted that wealthy people lead a more active social life, while poverty inclines a person to an isolated life – and after all, communication is very important for maintaining mental clarity. In addition, due to lack of money, people often work multiple jobs, which leads to lack of sleep, which is also a factor in the development of dementia.

Low pay raises blood pressure

In another scientific study, scientists compared the salary and health status of 5,000 people aged 25 to 65. The fact that people of low socioeconomic status have a greater risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension) has been known to scientists for a long time. But as part of this study, scientists took into account not only social status, but also the level of wages.

It turned out that low-income people do suffer from high blood pressure, due to which many vital organs stop working properly over time. Again, the cause of hypertension is considered constant stress, lack of sleep and other “charms” of lack of money.

High blood pressure leads to the development of other, even more dangerous diseases.

Low wages increase the risk of infections

As a rule, people with low wages live in small apartments. Most often they have only one room, and the rest of the space is occupied by a kitchen and a toilet. In 2013, scientists announced that living in such cramped conditions poses many risks to human health.

Not only can the lack of personal space lead to the development of depression and other mental problems, but living in cramped conditions increases the likelihood of contracting diseases. If a person with a cold enters a small apartment that is poorly ventilated and full of furniture, it is highly likely that all residents will become infected with the disease.

Living in a cramped apartment can also destroy health

The highest paid professions

The list of the lowest paid jobs is already well known to many people. It consists of sales assistants, loaders, security guards, couriers and so on. And what about the best-paid professions that allow you to become rich and, judging by everything written above, healthy?

Some professions can make a person rich, but it takes a long time to learn

In 2022, IT specialists are most valued in Europe. As a rule, the highest salary is for Senior programmers, who have the most experience. There is also a pilot on the list of the highest paid professions, but for this you need to go through a long training and have perfect health. It goes without saying that business owners receive a lot of money, but the level of income is different for everyone and it is simply impossible to give a specific figure.

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