Samsung to stop producing push-button phones


Most smartphone manufacturers once produced push-button phones, a few years ago they could be found in the assortment of Huawei and ZTE. But you can’t make much money on them, and large companies are less and less interested in their production.

Today, the last major bastion fell: according to India Times, the Korean company Samsung will curtail the production of push-button phones for the Indian market by the end of the year, the last batch will be released in December.

In other countries, Samsung abandoned dialers even earlier, so this decision marks the final exit of Samsung from the market of push-button phones.


Samsung to stop producing feature phones
Samsung B350E – Samsung’s latest feature phone


This decision was not taken at all because of the difficult market situation: Samsung ranks third in the push-button phone market in India, behind only itel and Lava.

It’s not about high costs – all production is carried out by the local company Dixon, and the assortment consists of models announced back in 2012-2015 (the company has not introduced a single new model over the past seven years!).

The company is simply not interested in supporting this direction: in pieces it makes up 20% of all sales of mobile devices, but in money it is only 1%. Samsung’s main focus in India will now be on phones above $193.