Samsung market share at 5-year high: global sales statistics


Counterpoint Research researchers, who continue to monitor the dynamics of the smartphone market, have published a fresh report for April 2022.

It follows that Samsung was one of the few brands that showed growth (+9%) against the backdrop of a general decline: in April, global smartphone sales decreased by 8% (compared to April 2021).

Moreover, Samsung’s market share reached 24% – the last time the company had such an indicator 5 years ago, in April 2017. In addition, the company became the #1 brand in the Indian market in April for the first time since August 2020, depriving Xiaomi of this status.


Global Smartphone Sales Statistics: Samsung at 5-Year Peak


Commenting on the current situation, the senior analyst noted that “the global smartphone market continues to fall, reaching its lowest level since the 2020 pandemic. Chinese brands sank more than others, caused by weakened consumer sentiment due to quarantine and the withdrawal of Russia from the market.” It is also possible that by the end of May, Samsung will be able to exceed the 5-year record.