Samsung has dramatically updated the browser on Galaxy smartphones. (See What changed)


A new beta version of Samsung’s proprietary mobile browser has been released. And this time, the Korean company really tried – Samsung Internet 19.0 has become much prettier and has acquired several cool features at once. But first things first.

Perhaps the main innovation was cross-platform synchronization with Google Chrome. Now the user will be able to import their bookmarks from Chrome to PC directly to Samsung Internet on a smartphone without dancing with a tambourine. The process also works in reverse.

The second important extension was the ability to use browser extensions in a secret (private) mode. Moreover, you can configure activation only for some extensions, and not for all at once. Finally, in secret mode, the ad blocker will work. The blockers themselves, by the way, now show how many ads they blocked per day or week.

Samsung Internet 19.0 also learned to detect domains associated with classified trackers, which provides increased privacy and user protection. The browser has become better at detecting phishing and warns the user about going to fake sites.

The address bar now flaunts a privacy indicator, if you click on it, it will display information about the security of the connection, the number of blocked trackers, cookies and permissions issued by the user.

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