Russia will fly to the Moon in September 2022. For the first time in almost half a century


 Is there a new space race coming up?

Like a bolt from the blue, information surfaced about the timing of the launch of Russia’s new lunar mission.

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, spoke about the immediate plans of the Russian cosmonautics.

According to him, the launch is planned from the Vostochny cosmodrome until the end of September 2022.

At the same time, he had previously stated that the launch date would be determined based on the results of the tests.

Recall that the last time Russia sent any mission to the moon was about 46 years ago. The main task of the latest mission will be to develop the basic technologies for a soft landing in the circumpolar region and to conduct contact studies of a given region of the south pole of the moon.

Also, earlier plans to send a mission to the moon before the end of 2022 were announced by NASA.