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Roxen Net Worth

Roxen in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $1 Million.

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Full Biography of Roxen

Some performers who were preparing to perform at Eurovision 2020, which was eventually canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, received this right in 2021. The list of honors from Tornike Kipiani from Georgia, Vasil from North Macedonia, Natalia Gordienko from Moldova was continued by the extravagant Roxen from Romania. 

As for the Russian representative, the Little Big group refused to go to the song contest, and the responsibility fell on the fragile shoulders of Manizhi.

Childhood and youth

Larisa Roxana Giurgiu (this is the real name of the star performing under the pseudonym Roxen), was born on January 5, 2000 in the city of Cluj-Napoca in northwestern Romania.

From childhood, Roxen was fond of music, dreaming of giving listeners only positive emotions and filling her with positive energy. Parents approved and strongly encouraged the choice of their daughter, sending her to study singing and playing the piano and helping her to reach her intended goal.

At an early age, the future celebrity managed to win several song contests. However, fame came to Roxen after the release of the single You Don’t Love Me by producer and DJ Sickotoy on August 12, 2019, where the girl performed as a vocalist.

The hit peaked at number 3 on the Airplay 100, peaked at number 7 on the Bulgarian charts, and made it onto the playlists of foreign radio stations including France, USA, Russia and Spain.

Exactly 3 months later, on November 12, the Global Records artist presented her debut track Ce-ți Cântă Dragostea, performed live for promotional purposes at Global Studios and La Măruță, on Pro FM, Radio ZU and Virgin Radio and reached the top spot on the Airplay 100.

On the same day, a video for this song appeared on the singer’s official YouTube channel, which gained almost 35 million user views in 2 years.


2020 started off with good news for Roxen. In early February, she and two other performers, by decision of the TVR channel, turned out to be the main contenders for participation in Eurovision, and on the 11th, a special commission chose her.

After 10 days, singles were presented with which Larisa Roxana could go to Rotterdam – Beautiful Disaster, Cherry Red, Colors, Storm and Alcohol You. As a result, the last song became the contest entry.

Unfortunately, the Romanian’s childhood dreams did not come true that year, because the Eurovision Song Contest was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Before Giurgiu had time to get upset, they announced that the right to represent her native country in 2021 remained with her:

“I took this news with joy and I want to thank everyone for their trust. I have already realized how much dedication and work this project entails, but I am ready to carry the banner of the representative of Romania at Eurovision 2021. I am very sorry that the regulations will not allow me to sing Alcohol You, which I love very much.

In the same year, the discography of Roxen, who mainly works in the deep house genre, was replenished with the tracks Spune-mi, How to Break a Heart and Wonderland along with Alexander Rybak. She also participated in the recording of the hit Over and Over by artist PAX and Devil in Disguise by colleague Coyot.


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Personal life

The blue-eyed beauty (height – 173 cm and weight 57 kg), who is not afraid to experiment with hair color and tends to extravagant images, keeps her personal life away from outsiders. Therefore, photos with a possible lover in her Instagram account can not be found now.

Due to the chosen musical style and appearance, Roxen received comparisons from critics with Dua Lipa and Billy EilishThe artist herself indicated BeyonceAretha FranklinDemi Lovato and Christina Aguilera as the main sources of inspiration .

Free from concerts, rehearsals and recording songs, Roxen devotes time to meditation, reading books on psychology and works in the genre of science fiction, painting, walking in nature and raising two beloved cats.

Roxen now

The single for the performance in Rotterdam at Eurovision in 2021 was “appointed” by a commission of 9 people Amnesia, who outperformed 6 candidate tracks.

The artist considers this song special, because she teaches listeners to be free, love themselves, fight for what they believe in, and loudly declare their feelings. A little earlier, Parte Din Tine, the result of a collaboration with DJ Project, saw the light of day.

Roxen Discography

  • 2019 – Ce-ți cântă dragostea
  • 2019 – I Don’t Care
  • 2019 – You Don’t Love Me
  • 2020 – Alcohol You
  • 2020 – Spune mi
  • 2020 – How to Break a Heart
  • 2020 – Over and Over
  • 2020 — Devil in Disguise
  • 2021 – Parte din tine
  • 2021-Amnesia

Interesting Facts about Roxen

  • In June 2020, Roxen became a brand ambassador for Loncolor Expert Hempstyle, starred in commercials and appeared on the packaging of hair dye.
  • Roxen is delighted with all the songs nominated for Eurovision 2021, but if she had to choose herself, she would stop at Zitti e Buoni of the Italian rock band Måneskin. Of the singles that sounded at the contest in the past, the performer singled out Euphoria from her colleague from Sweden Loreen.
  • For those who were not yet familiar with her own music, the Romanian described it as follows: “You can always find feelings, emotions and moods in my music. You can dance like crazy while listening to my music, or you can take a break, look deep inside yourself and try to find your soul.”
  • In celebrity audio recordings, there will always be a place for Passive Aggressive from the debut album Phoenix by Charlotte Carden and Love No More, which replenished the creative discography of Cody Lovaas in 2019, and she would gladly perform a duet with The Weeknd.
  • Emotion, authenticity and vibrancy are the three words that most accurately describe Roxen, in her personal opinion.