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Ronnie Romero Net Worth

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Ronnie Romero full Biography

Ritchie Blackmore characterizes Ronnie Romero vocals as a cross between the voices of Freddie Mercury and Ronnie Dio. A native of Chile was lucky enough to become a soloist in a group whose compositions he listened to as a child.

Childhood and youth

The future singer and songwriter was born on November 20, 1981 in the suburb of Santiago, the city of Talagante, in a musical family. The star’s grandfather was a saxophonist, his father was a vocalist, his mother plays the guitar, and his brother plays the drums.

At the age of 7, Ronnie Romero made his debut in the church choir, performing gospel songs. Together with his father, the aspiring vocalist listened to the records of Deep PurpleQueenRainbow and Metallica and dreamed of becoming a rock singer.


From the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Ronnie Romero lived in the capital of Spain. In November 2010, the native of Chile became the vocalist of the Spanish band Santelmo, but left the band less than six months after the debut.

After collaborating with Jose Rubio’s Nova Era, Aria Inferno and Voces del Rock projects, Ronnie formed Lords Of Black with Tony Hernando.

Since 2015, Ronnie Romero has been collaborating with Queen’s tribute project – A Night At The Opera – and is considered the only singer in the world who can perform Mercury’s singles no less fiery than Freddie himself did. 

Since November 2015, Ronnie Romero, also at the personal invitation of Blackmore, became the vocalist of the revived Rainbow band and gave a new sound to its main hit I Surrender.

In 2017, Romero joined the CoreLeoni project and the supergroup The Ferrymen (“Carriers”). In 2020, the singer stopped working with the first of these bands, but joined the groups of the German virtuoso guitarist Michael (Michael) Schenker (MSG) and the Dutchman Adrian Vandenberg, as well as the American project Sunstorm.

Ronnie explained his multi-station by two aspects – creative and financial. According to the singer, it would be boring for him to limit himself to one direction, and in order to be financially independent, he has to perform simultaneously in at least 2 projects.

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Personal life

With a girl named Emilia, who gave him a son, Oliver, Ronnie Romero met in 2008 on the Internet and soon moved to her home in Madrid.

In 2022, the personal life of the Chilean suddenly became the object of close attention of the Spanish press. As it turned out, the ex-girlfriend accused the singer of domestic violence. 

Ronnie Romero was forbidden from approaching less than 500 meters or communicating with an ex-girlfriend in any way. The performer did not appear in court, and therefore, in November 2021, Romero, who had not appeared in Spain for a long time, was put on the wanted list.

Now Ronnie’s fiancee is children’s dentist Corina Minda. In addition, the Romanian has been fond of fashion design since childhood and moonlights as a fashion model. The initials of his beloved, with a joint photo with which Romero’s Instagram account is filled, the musician tattooed on his fingers.

In an interview given to Crimea-24 TV channel journalist Alexander Makar, Ronnie said that he is out of politics and, not paying attention to sanctions, comes to the Black Sea peninsula, because his fans live here. 

Ronnie Romero now

On September 29, 2021, a concert was supposed to take place in Moscow, at which Ronnie Romero, together with the Morrison Orchestra, was going to perform popular tracks from the Queen discography. However, due to covid restrictions, the event was postponed to the first day of spring 2022.

For April 2022, the rocker announced another visit to the capital of Russia. Ronnie Romero planned to present the album Immortal by MSG, released in 2021, at the Arbat Hall club with Michael Schenker. And in the year of the White Metal Bull, concerts with the participation of Ronnie were held in the birthplace of rock – in the UK.

4 days after Ronnie celebrated his 40th birthday, it became known that the native of Talagante, together with the band Intelligent Music Project, will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2022

The song written for the European review of the song was the single Intention. In the clips of the Bulgarian rock band, the vocalist himself appeared more than once, and Romero’s beloved also appeared in the video for the hit I Know. The group also included a veteran of Eurovision, a participant in the 2007 and 2013 contests, Stoyan Yankulov.

Ronnie Romero Discography

With the Santelmo group:

  • 2010 – La Tempestad

With Jose Rubio´s Nova Era:

  • 2012 – Nova Era
  • 2013 – After All

With Lords of Black:

  • 2014 — Lords of Black
  • 2016 – II
  • 2018 – Icons of the New Days
  • 2020 – Alchemy of Souls, Part 1
  • 2021 – Alchemy of Souls, Part 2

With the Rainbow band:

  • 2016 – Memories in Rock
  • 2017 – Live in Birmingham
  • 2017 – I Surrender (single)
  • 2018 – Memories in Rock II
  • 2019 – Black Sheep (single)
  • 2018 – Waiting for a Sign (single)
  • 2019 — The Storm (single)
  • 2019 – Rainbow Vorwarts

With The Ferrymen:

  • 2017 – The Ferrymen
  • 2019 – A New Evil

With the CoreLeoni group:

  • 2018 – The Greatest Hits. Part 1
  • 2019-II

With the Vandenberg group:

  • 2020 – 2020

With the Sunstorm group:

  • 2021 – Afterlife

With the Michael Schenker Group:

  • 2021 – Immortal

Interesting Facts about Ronnie Romero

  • On the same day and year with Ronnie Romero, figure skater Yuko Kawaguchi was born, who during her sports biography managed to perform at international competitions for Japan, the USA and Russia.
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