RMR Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


RMR Net Worth

RMR in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $2 Million.

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Full Biography of RMR

Rapper RMR captivated listeners with a combination of a strong voice with the image of a rebel who does not reveal his identity to fans. And they started talking about the musician with renewed vigor when he became friends with the Hollywood beauty Sharon Stone, who is almost 4 decades older than him.

Childhood and youth

RMR was born in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. The performer leads a secretive life, does not disclose his real name and details of his biography. It is known that the young man worked in a production studio until he decided to perform for himself, and moved from his hometown to Los Angeles, where he still lives.


RMR gained fame at the age of 24 when he released his debut track Rascal and its video. In the video, the musician with gold teeth appeared in a black mask, body armor from Yves Saint Laurent and with firearms. 

This entourage, combined with impeccable vocals, including a cappella, and piano variations made a splash among music lovers. The single immediately became viral on YouTube, and the rapper was noticed by record labels, including the American company Warner Records, which offered RMR a contract.

Since then, gold teeth and a permanent balaclava have become a recognizable feature of the performer, who does not appear in public without a mask.

Two months later, the second RMR work called Dealer was released, to which the rapper attracted colleagues Future and Lil Baby. In this clip, which also blew up the Network, a musician in a balaclava is surrounded by classical painting.

Already in the summer of 2020, RMR presented the debut album Drug Dealing is a Lost Art with solo tracks and several collaborations. Initially, the release of the collection was scheduled for May, but at that time the United States was gripped by mass protests and riots motivated by racism, so the release was postponed to a later date. RMR later entered the debating club in support of George Floyd.

In the late autumn of that year, the rapper’s discography was replenished with The Wishing Hour’s remix of the 3AM hit by the American rock band Matchbox Twenty.


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Personal life

In the summer of 2021, RMR was spotted in the company of Hollywood star Sharon Stone. The rapper and actress lit up in two nightclubs in Los Angeles, after which an anonymous person from Stone’s entourage said that the performers have maintained a relationship that they call “a unique friendship” for more than a month.

However, the stars themselves do not hide the fact that they are closely connected in their personal lives: they relax together, take joint photos, like and comment on each other’s publications on Instagram. Sharon also tried on a black balaclava, the musician’s favorite accessory.

The artist herself has repeatedly admitted that after her divorce from Phil Bronstein in 2003, she often feels lonely, although she is raising three adopted sons. Stone started high-profile novels and numerous short-term intrigues, but this did not lead to a serious relationship.

In recent years, Sharon often chooses younger men: former fiancé of actress Angelo Boffa is 19 years younger, and rapper RMR is 38 years younger.

RMR now

January 2021 marked the release of the track Her Honeymoon for RMR, the first song from the new album Hotel. The video for the single had three alternative endings, and at the end of the video, the rapper called on listeners to vote for one of them. The second composition from the new Vibes collection was not long in coming and was released after 5 months.



  • 2020 – Drug Dealing is a Lost Art
  • 2021 – Hotel


  • 2020- Rascal
  • 2021 – Her Honeymoon
  • 2021 – Vibes

Interesting Facts

  • The rapper’s pseudonym is pronounced rumor.
  • RMR’s ​​musical style combines elements of hip hop and country music.
  • The rapper calls Drake and Avril Lavigne his idols. But the musician himself was inspired by Kanye West, who, after a divorce from Kim Kardashian, is increasingly going to events in balaclavas.
  • After uploading Rascal to YouTube, the musician, not expecting enchanting results, went to bed and literally woke up famous.
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