Review of the new top smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: strengths and weaknesses


This is the Galaxy S22 Ultra, one of the most charged smartphones on the market today. And, I mean not only iron. In principle, this device has the widest possibilities. It is part of the Samsung ecosystem, can turn a monitor or TV into a computer, and offers a built-in stylus.

Samsung s22

Yes, someone will say, everything that I just listed is pure pampering. But the Koreans have spent money on this and most of the competitors do not offer anything like this. And the Galaxy S22 Ultra, in turn, gives everything the same as competitors, only with a bonus. And precisely because of this, it can be considered the most charged solution on the market. That is, today this is the absolute maximum, from what manufacturers can offer.

Samsung s22

Galaxy S22 colors

Galaxy S22 Ultra has a considerable number of different colors. I got the green version and in my opinion it is the coolest, there is also white, black and burgundy.


Also, I want to draw your attention to how Samsung beat the design of the camera. By increasing the overall thickness of the hull, they managed to get rid of the huge podium. Although the lenses protrude, such a solution, in my opinion, looks more accurate than, say, the same S21 Ultra. In all other respects: the IP68 protection class has not gone away, Gorilla Glass Victus glass too, the fingerprint scanner in the display works smartly.

Samsung s22

Case materials and assembly Galaxy S22

Everything here is top notch. The manufacturer immediately makes it clear that this is an expensive thing. The stylus is located on the bottom end, pulled out by pressing. A little to the right is a tray for two SIM cards. In addition to them, you can also use eSim. Unfortunately, there is no place to install a memory card. This is important to know, because in our countries they offer memory options from 128gb, which, as you understand, is very small. Honestly, I personally do not see the point in this version. It feels like they decided to sell it stupidly in order not to scare potential buyers so much with the initial price. Although on the other hand, this is in any case a plus, not a minus. Because choice is always good, right?

vibration motor

So, well, we figured out the appearance and various elements of the case. I just want to add that the vibration motor feels a little better. Sounds a little more clear. Stereo sound is also great, but in my opinion, in the previous generation, everything was fine with this too.



I will repeat exactly the same words regarding the display. In fact, this is one of the main weapons of Samsung smartphones. But with each new generation, on paper it gets a little better. There was a peak brightness of 1500 nits, it became 1750. Better? Yes, better. But personally, the previous version was enough for me. There, too, everything was clearly visible in the sun. The maximum image refresh rate is 120 hertz, the minimum is 1 hertz.

What can I say? The display is great as always. I am glad that the edges are not very rounded and even without a cover, I did not catch phantom clicks. But there is one thing that confused me. 120 hertz can only be adaptive. On the one hand, the idea is good. After all, who better than the manufacturer to know how to unleash the full potential of technology, and at the same time it’s great to save battery power. But on the other hand, while I clearly see friezes in some moments, just where 120 Hz should be active, 60 Hz is active. All in all, Samsung definitely needs to do something about these seams. Although, it may be the case in one of the first firmware. I think we will return to this issue in a few months.

Galaxy S22 interface

And I liked the UI. This is one of the most functional and beautiful shells. With the exception of one moment, which personally confuses me for more than a year. This is the icon form. No, the same style. And if you try to choose a custom option from the store, then the system simply places what was in another form. Let’s go in a circle. And I don’t like the way it looks. With everything else there are no problems.

Samsung s22

In the display settings, you can manually turn on increased brightness, which can come in handy on a sunny day. Well, PRO shooting mode is now available for all camera modules. This is something I personally have not seen before.

Also, it is possible to synchronize with Windows, for this there is a separate shortcut right in the curtain. Thus, you can answer calls and messages directly from your laptop. And also, view photos, videos and even open applications. In general, it is quite possible to use this on an ongoing basis.


Well, where without a stylus? This is, in principle, the most hype feature in the S22 Ultra. This time, the delay has decreased by more than 3 times, that is, we can say that it does not exist. Well, for those who need a stylus in a smartphone, I think it’s not worth talking about its capabilities once again.

Update Support

I have nothing more to say about the interface, but it is worth noting that starting this year, Samsung promises 4 years of updates to new versions of Android. That is, in theory, S22 Ultra should get 16 Android. It seems to me that for many this will be a weighty argument when choosing a smartphone.


Did Samsung get a proprietary Exynos 2200 processor or not? Long before his presentation, insiders leaked information that a miracle should not be expected. Actually, that’s what happened. But unlike in previous years, I don’t see much point in getting upset. Because now the whole industry is suffering from overheating of the chips. That is, the version that went to other countries is not very different from this Exynos. Although, in any case, it does not change the essence.

In performance tests, the new proprietary chip shows plus or minus the same results as last year’s Exynos 2100. In relatively simple games like Shadowgun Legends on ultras, we get a stable 60 frames. There are no problems with this.

Samsung s22

But in Genshin Impact we get 33 and a half frames. This is after half an hour of play, when throttling is turned on, that’s all. Let’s just say we try to look at real scenarios.

Samsung s22

In general, you can play. Moreover, the case does not get very hot up to 47 degrees, which is the norm. But friends, I’ll tell you honestly, this is not quite what I expected from the new Samsung processor with AMD graphics. Perhaps they need more time to optimize its work, but at the moment we have what we have.

I will say this, if you do not play heavy toys, I would not bother at all about this. If you play, then it is better to choose medium graphics settings. No matter how sad it may sound. It all depends on your scenarios.

cameras Galaxy S22

Honestly, I do not think that someone will buy this smartphone for themselves in order to run into games. It seems to me that it is more interesting to people because of the design, body materials, status, or at least the cameras. After all, today for photo and video shooting this is one of the most advanced solutions on the market.

All the necessary modules are here. Except macro, although in fact, it is not needed. Since the main and Ultra-widescreen module do an excellent job with this task. In addition to them, there are also two cameras with 3x and 10x zoom. No quality loss.

What can I say, the S22 Ultra offers the most powerful set on the market right now. And it can be safely called one of the best, if not the best camera phone.

Shooting during the day

All is well as expected during the day. All frames have excellent detail, wide dynamic range and saturation is slightly above the norm. But personally I like it.

Standing in one place you can get a photo first 0.6X, then 1X, then 3X and finally 10X.


Agree the quality of the pictures is impressive. In fact, you can go further, since a tenfold approximation is not the limit. Programmatically, it is possible to take a photo even with a 100X zoom. But I wouldn’t do it. Probably the maximum you can look at is 20X. And the funniest thing is that a similar trick can be turned with video recording, right from the hands. The sound is also quite good. To date, Koreans have succeeded the most in this regard.

Photos on the front camera are also quite good.

In general, I was satisfied. And here is what a portrait photo looks like. It’s also not bad, only my face is a little pale in my opinion.

Shooting at night

At night, the smartphone also shoots at the level. It can be seen that Samsung finished the software. The principle of operation essentially has not changed – from 108 MP, 12 MP is obtained with a pixel size of 2.4 micrometers.

The same applies to video recording. The S22 Ultra has introduced a new Super Clear Glass lens, which, according to the manufacturer, allows you to shoot smooth and clear video at night without glare.

Camera Chips

But as for the software stuff, it’s full of stuffing. There are all possible tools for bloggers, mobile photographers and even for businesses. If you want to shoot with several cameras at the same time, it’s not a problem. Need to quickly scan the document, please.

Honestly, in terms of cameras, the smartphone suited me 100%. I can’t say that I couldn’t live without a tenx zoom, but it’s better to have such a chip in the arsenal than not. And especially when it comes to devices from the same price segment.

Galaxy S22 battery

It remains only to close the issue with battery life and cost. And after that, you can safely sum up.

Everything is simple here. A full charge is stably enough for a day of work, it feels like it lives the same way as the S21 Ultra. At the end of the day, I still have 20-30 percent of the charge. That is, at night or in the morning it will have to be charged in any way. I put it on wireless charging and this issue did not bother me at all.

By wire, in practice, the S22 charges quickly enough. Not as fast as some competitors, but this time they brought in at least 45 watts. The power supply was not included in the package. It took about an hour to charge the battery to 100%. In half an hour – somewhere by 60%, which in my opinion is not bad in principle. Especially considering the fact that Samsung decided to work long distance, 4 years of updates and stuff like that.



Okay, let’s already look at prices and draw conclusions. For the basic version, they ask from   114,990 R (before the fall of the ruble) and at the same time they give Galaxy Buds Pro headphones as a gift. Actually not cheap, but top-end Samsung has never been available. I have already said that this is a story for maximalists. There is everything that the Android smartphone market can do today. And if you close your eyes to the cost, only gaming performance confuses.

Everything else is top notch. For me personally, it’s too big, and I don’t use styluses either. Looking exclusively at the latest Samsung, I’m more inclined towards the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22, something like that.