Remember DxOMark? That’s why they stopped testing the cameras of new Smartphones

  • September 20, 2022


Until recently, DxOMark had a reputation as the top camera expert in the industry. Major smartphone manufacturers themselves sent DxOMark devices for review, and users followed the change in the site’s rating with great interest.


But then, despite all the earned authority and trust of the audience, the resource died out. The last smartphone was tested there in July – it was Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which the laboratory purchased with its own money. Finances are the reason for the slow decline of DxOMark.

As DxOMark employees explain, manufacturers simply stopped sending their gadgets for testing. According to them, devices with really top-end cameras can take high places in the ranking, and these are literally a few of the whole host of annually released models. Progress in photo quality, despite the ongoing megapixel race, is now minimal. And why give your smartphone for examination if it is likely to fall to the bottom of the rating? This is a banal anti-advertising.

The situation is well demonstrated by the situation with OnePlus, which officially announced in March that it would no longer cooperate with DxOMark, since no smartphone of the brand had hit the top twenty before. With other companies, things are similar. So now only a good investor can save DxOMark.

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