Rating of the best VPNs to bypass blocks on Android


In 2022, it is unrealistic to use the Internet normally without a VPN in Russia, since many important resources are blocked, and in order to access them, you will sooner or later have to install a VPN on Android. It is not worth downloading the first option that came across on request in Google – there are enough slow and frankly unsafe applications on the market.

If you don’t have time to figure out numerous services on your own, take a look at our rating – here are the best VPN apps for Android. All of them are installed on the phone for free and work without registration. 

Turbo VPN 

  • Free version limitations : fewer servers; 
  • Number of countries: UK, USA; 
  • The cost of a premium subscription: 999 rubles per month. 

Turbo VPN is a popular software with a concise interface that shows the duration of the connection and the number of megabytes spent. By default, automatic selection of the server with the highest speed is enabled. You can change the country manually, but in the free version, only the United Kingdom and the United States are available for selection. To get access to more countries and get rid of ads, you will have to subscribe to a premium subscription, or download a cracked version of the application. 

From the advanced functionality, there is a setting for connection modes: OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard and SSR, as well as the ability to split tunneling, that is, choosing applications that will use a regular connection even when the VPN is running. As for the speed, it is, of course, cut on the free version, but you can scroll through the Instagram feed comfortably, so in the reviews, users complain mainly about advertising and stability.

Hotspot Shield VPN 

  • Free version limitations: trial version for 7 days; 
  • Number of countries: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, UK, Turkey; 
  • The cost of a premium subscription: 600 rubles per month. 

While figuring out which VPN is better to use for Android, we found HotspotShield VPN. This is the only shareware application from the selection, which can only be used on the ball for the first 7 days, and at the entrance you need to enter card details. If you don’t want the money to be withdrawn after a week, you will have to turn off the subscription on time. 

However, HotspotShield has an undeniable advantage – according to independent tests, today it is the fastest VPN in the world. The owners note that the Internet speed remains maximum, so this option is suitable not only for surfing sites, but also for watching videos or online broadcasts. For those who categorically do not want to pay, there is Hotspot Shield Basic, but it is full of ads and the free version is no different from other competitors in terms of features.

Super Unlimited Proxy 

  • Free version limitations: few servers; 
  • Number of countries: USA; 
  • The cost of a premium subscription: 599 rubles per month. 

Super Unlimited Proxy is an option for those who need a fast free VPN. There are only three buttons: select a country, a connection protocol (oUDP or OTCP) and launch a VPN. Moreover, in the first case, everything is extremely simple – only servers in the USA are available in the free version. 

There are no advanced settings in the application at all, so even the elderly can easily master Unlimited Proxy. The speed drops slightly and does not interfere with normal use of the Internet. Another advantage is unobtrusive advertising. But users attribute stability to the minuses, sometimes the secure connection will disappear and the application has to be restarted. 

AdGuard VPN 

  • Free version limitations: fewer servers, can only be used on two devices at the same time, 3 GB of traffic per month; 
  • Number of countries: UK, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France; 
  • The cost of a premium subscription: 999 rubles per month. 

One step away from getting into the top three, AdGuard VPN stopped. This is a proven free VPN on the phone, which can be used to bypass blocking and access useful sites. Due to the fact that the application uses its own connection protocol, the Internet speed when using it does not drop as much as in the case of many competitors 

The developer claims that it does not collect user data, so the software is suitable for paying for online purchases and other activities where privacy is important. Advanced users will appreciate the ability of AdGuard VPN to work only with certain sites and applications, as well as integration with the ad blocker of the same name, which belongs to the creators of AdGuard. The limit of 3 GB of traffic can be expanded by inviting friends, for each user you refer you will be given +1 GB on top.

Psiphon Pro 

  • Free version limitations: low speed; 
  • Number of countries: more than 20; 
  • The cost of a premium subscription: 320 rubles per month. 


The top free VPN for Android continues with Psiphon Pro. This is an application without restrictions on connecting to servers, where you can choose any of 20 countries, but with one caveat – low speed. On average, it is 2 MB / s, which is enough for surfing sites, but not enough for watching streaming video.

In order not to subscribe to a paid subscription, you can increase the speed in Psiphon Pro for a while. For example, 10 hours of maximum speed will cost 50 rubles, and 100 hours – 270 rubles. In terms of stability and security of the connection, this is a very good VPN for Android, which we strongly recommend. 


  • Free version limitations: no limitations; 
  • Number of countries: no limit; 
  • Premium subscription cost: none. 

Outline is the brainchild of Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Google. By the principle of operation, this is not quite a VPN, but a proxy server with which the user exchanges information under the guise of a secure HTTPS protocol. Because of this, the provider cannot track which sites you visit, which guarantees the bypass of blocking and a high level of privacy. 

The Shadowsocks protocol that underpins Outline even works in China, overcoming the limitations of the Chinese firewall. The only negative is the need to get confused with the setting. After installation, Outline will ask you to specify or create a server through which traffic will go. Here you can take one of the free addresses available on the developer’s website. In this case, the speed is practically not cut, which allows not only to communicate and scroll the Internet, but also to watch videos in high quality. 

  • Free version limitations: automatic selection of the connection country; 
  • Number of countries: no limit; 
  • The cost of a premium subscription: 380 rubles per month. is the best VPN app for Android that allows you to bypass blocking absolutely free of charge, without ads, restrictions on speed and amount of traffic. The software is extremely simple to use: you download it, activate the connection with one button – and everything works without unnecessary settings. The shortcut to turn on the VPN can be moved to the notification shade, which is quite convenient.

In addition, there is a special WARP + mode, which increases the Internet speed by about 30% and reduces ping in games. To use it, you need to take a premium subscription, but you can get traffic for WARP + for free. If someone installs the software using your link, then you will get 1 GB with an increase in speed. The only caveat is that you cannot manually select the connection country in, the server is installed automatically, which in some cases is not very convenient. 

That’s all. What is the best free VPN for Android 2022 in your opinion? Let me know what you use in the comments.

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