Rating of the best applications for downloading torrents on Android


downloading torrents

The difference in functionality between smartphones and PCs is gradually shrinking. Already now you can download torrents for free via your phone, which is much more convenient than searching incomprehensible sites when you need to download a movie, game or any file.

To download torrents, you need a special program. There are many options, so let’s find out which torrent client for Android is the best in 2022.

#7 – FrostWire

  • Free version: yes (premium price – $0.99)

FrostWire is an application with a minimalistic design and impressive functionality. There is an integrated search engine that allows you to find the files you need without going to torrent sites (add them to the list of sources first). Then you need to enter the name of the program or movie, and in response you will see all the places where they are available, with a suggestion for a quick download.

Also, the features of the software are: the presence of a built-in file manager, viewing torrents on Android (opens any video without waiting for a complete download) and no restrictions on download speed / size. The disadvantages of the free version include only a huge amount of advertising.


  • Free version: yes (premium price – $16)

WeTorrent is a simple and understandable torrent program for Android, which is suitable for owners of older phones. It weighs little, does not load the gadget, and also consumes little battery power. The functionality here is basic, the user can configure the download of torrents only via Wi-Fi, and it is also convenient to work with downloaded files in the built-in file manager.

In the case of purchasing the full version, ads will disappear from the application, priority download selection, proxy support, and an automatic disconnect after download feature will be added. If you need a torrent for your smartphone, this option is definitely worth paying attention to.


  • Free version: yes (premium price – $1.99)

TorrDroid is the best phone torrent for those who don’t want to fiddle with the interface and deal with the settings. Everything you need here is placed in the main menu: search for content on popular and not so popular trackers, statistics with information about seeds and feasts, choice of save location and download speed. You can also enable encryption in one click to protect your data.

A feature of TorrDroid is the ability to automatically disable the distribution of downloaded files in order to save traffic. Users will certainly appreciate the correctly working function of watching videos right at the time of download. The downside of the free version of TorrDroid is standard – an abundance of advertising. But there are no restrictions on functionality.


  • Completely free program

Another good option if you have an old Android: LibreTorrent can be installed on a gadget with Android 4.0 or a more recent version of the OS. He can not only download and distribute, but also create new torrent files. The application is open source, which means there are no ads and all advanced features are available right out of the box.

LibreTorrent allows you to choose the download path, turn on the download mode only via Wi-Fi, set priority and order, limit the speed of uploading and downloading files. There is a dark theme in demand among users, which reduces eye strain. However, it’s not the best torrent app for Android due to the fact that it doesn’t have tracker search and progressive download mode, which is needed for online video playback.


  • Free version: yes (premium price – $2.99)

Bronze of the selection goes to BitTorrent. This is a very powerful application with a number of unique features. For example, there are no restrictions on the download and upload speed, as well as the size of downloaded files. The main thing is that there is enough space in the built-in memory of the phone or on a flash drive.

BitTorrent has a concise interface that makes it easy to use the software. It downloads fast, works stably and has a built-in media player for playing files. If you don’t know how to download torrents on Android, be sure to try this option.


  • Free version: yes (premium price – $2.99)

uTorrent is the mobile version of the most popular torrent client for Windows. If needed, it even allows you to pair the smartphone app with a PC client to manage downloads on both devices. The software uses a proprietary hyperdistribution protocol, thanks to which it develops the highest download speed both via the mobile Internet and via Wi-Fi.

All the important functions of a torrent client are present: search for trackers and a built-in player for audio / video, the ability to select specific files from the distribution and download them to your folder. The disadvantages of the free version include a large number of ads, as well as the lack of an auto-off function. If you don’t want to pay for the full version, you can install a hacked uTorrent, it’s all there.


  • Free version: yes (premium price – $1.49)

First place goes to Flud, which many people probably hear about for the first time. In fact, this is a powerful application with support for absolutely all relevant functions. It allows you to watch videos without waiting for a full download and does not cut the download speed. Captivating user-friendly interface, which everyone will understand, as well as the lack of need to buy a premium version – a minimum of advertising, all features are available. Flud can set the priority of individual files, download several torrents at the same time, work only via Wi-Fi, and turn off after downloading. It supports RSS and magnet links, offers several themes, and performs well on tablets. If you need to download a good torrent client for Android, Flud is your choice.

That’s all. We told you which torrent is better for Android, but if you forgot something worthy, write the names of the applications in the comments.